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10 (More) Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy an Expensive Wedding Ring

There are a few key big-ticket purchases you will make in your life. A car, a house, and - an engagement ring? Since when are we expected to spend one, two, and sometimes even three month’s salary on a fancy rock that depreciates in value? While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to demonstrate your love with the best ring money can buy, practicality demands an alternative. If you’re struggling to decide between starting your new life on firm financial footing, and giving in to the diamond tradition, check out 10 reasons to opt for economical engagement rings:


Diamond Ring = Insurance

Typically, insurance coverage is needed for a large purchase, including an engagement ring. So after you’ve dropped a month or two’s salary on the ring itself, now you have to pay even more to insure the thing in case of loss, theft, damage, etc. By choosing a less expensive ring, you take away a majority of the fears that necessitate insurance coverage.


A Happier Honeymoon

Would you rather have a long, relaxing honeymoon in an incredible destination…or a rock? By spending less on the ring, you can spend more on your first vacation as a married couple. You might even be able to go somewhere nicer than originally planned, since the cost of a ring can easily equal the cost of a plane ticket!

Buy a House Instead

When your parents got married, they could afford to buy a house with two low salaries - sometimes even one! Now, it’s a chore for even well-off couples to purchase a starter home, as prices have gone up, salaries have stagnated, and mortgages are a burden that most aren’t willing to face. If you are in a position to consider buying a home, why spend precious savings that could go towards a downpayment? Building a life is more important than color, cut, and clarity.


Don’t Settle for Ordinary

Diamond rings are, for the most part, relatively identical. Sure they vary in size and shape, but on the whole they’re closely related. Paradoxically, rings that are far more unique and varied are much less expensive. You can find a ring that fits your future partner’s personality and style for half the cost of an ordinary (yes, we said ordinary) diamond.


Weddings are Already Expensive

If ring shopping is causing dollar signs to swim in your vision, wait until you start planning a wedding. Between dresses and tuxes, decorations, venue costs, and so many other tiny details, weddings are pricey. In 2017, the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. was $25,764. For the DIYers out there, there are many ways to lessen that burden. Still, wouldn’t an extra thousand or so saved on a ring be a big help?


They’re Too Expensive for Everyday Wear

Wedding rings are meant to be worn every day. They’re a beautiful symbol of your joined lives - but constant wear means durability needs to be factored in. Wearing thousands of dollars day in and day out is stressful! What if it gets lost? Or scuffed up? Or dropped down the drain, or or or…the anxiety alone is enough to make anyone want to wrap it up and hide it away for safekeeping. 

Propose When You’re Ready

Sometimes it happens in a flash - you’re out on a date, or talking, or simply thinking about them, and suddenly you know. You want to marry them. The time has come to propose! Or…has it? Most people don’t have the money for a ring just sitting around, and so the decision to propose comes with an in depth look at finances, planning, agonizing, shopping around for prices, and before you know it months have gone by and still you’re no closer to the proposal. Forgo the expensive ring and you can pop the question as soon as you’re ready.


Possibility of Rejection

It’s not a happy thought, but it’s only prudent to consider - what if the answer is no? As unlikely as that may be, the thought will undoubtedly make its way to the forefront of your mind at some point. You could be saving yourself an embarrassing situation by choosing a ring that isn’t so expensive it absolutely has to be returned.


Diamond Rings Aren’t Tradition 

This comes as a surprise to most people, but diamonds have not been the traditional engagement gem for very long. In fact, the idea is the result of skilled marketing that aimed to show diamonds as rare, precious, and valuable. Through the efforts of the world’s primary diamond supplier, the diamond’s reputation grew until it seemed that it had always been the one and only choice for engagement rings. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid. 


There Are More Important Things Than Rings

Societal expectations and traditions lead us to obsess over picking the perfect ring, executing the perfect proposal, and planning the perfect wedding. But what do these matter, really? Take away each, and you’re left with what’s really important - the love that led the two of you to join your lives together. You’re about to embark on the most exciting, frightening, and rewarding journey you’ve ever experienced. What are diamonds compared to that? 💎💎