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2021 Wedding Trends

We can all agree that 2020 didn’t exactly go as planned.

Many weddings were moved, cancelled, or significantly altered in order to keep everyone safe and try to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. While it’s still a battle into 2021, hope is finally on the horizon. Still, this experience has changed weddings, at least for the foreseeable future, and new trends for 2021 have sprung up in response:

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Trimmed Down Guest Lists

Restrictions on gathering sizes necessitated smaller guest lists in 2020, and that will continue into 2021. Even without restrictions, many couples are realizing that a smaller, more intimate wedding can feel a lot more special not only for them, but for their guests as well. Spending the day with those who you love the most isn’t a sacrifice, it’s a blessing.

Wedding Guest List COVID Coronavirus Pandemic 2021 Trends

Affordable Accessories

Couples have also discovered the value of saving where they can, especially in such uncertain times. As a result, when it comes to things like wedding rings, wedding jewelry, and even dresses and tuxes, brides and grooms are cutting back. Affordable wedding rings are the choice of the moment, like the ones Modern Gents carries.

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Backyard Ceremonies

Smaller weddings and smaller budgets go perfectly with backyard ceremonies. A childhood home, treasured relative’s oasis, or best friend’s yard are all the perfect destinations. Not only are these venues considerably cheaper than others, they’re also far more private, which means you and your guests can enjoy time to yourself with no intrusions.

Backyard Wedding COVID Coronavirus Pandemic 2021 Trends

Outdoor Receptions

Big tents the size of a ballroom? Twinkling lights strung overhead? Cozy couches, tables strewn with food, and a cheerful atmosphere? Yes please! Outdoor receptions can be downright magical, and that’s just the feeling we need this year. Of course, weather is always a factor, but when possible, couples are choosing the great outdoors over indoor receptions.

Outdoor Wedding Reception COVID Coronavirus Pandemic 2021 Trends

Single-serving Catering

Another safety consideration of COVID that has contributed to a wedding trend is guests’ meals. Buffet tables and family-style serving went out in favor of individual plates and single servings. It’s a safer, more elegant way of catering, and it also makes tailoring meals to individual guests much easier.

Dinner Single Serving Meals Wedding Reception COVID Coronavirus Pandemic 2021 Trends

Mini Cakes

What guest doesn’t want their very own mini cake? As with individual plates, individual desserts also sprang up as a result of COVID, and honestly, they’re so cute that it’s hard to imagine going back to the old ways. Mini cakes can also be far more economical, since you won’t have to worry about whether or not you have enough for everyone.

Mini Cakes Wedding Reception COVID Coronavirus Pandemic 2021 Trends

Splashes of Color

Everyone is looking for a bit of joy these days, and weddings present the perfect opportunity to remind everyone how carefree and full of love life can be. That’s why many couples are opting for bright, bold, fun colors for their wedding palette instead of neutral, classic shades. Think brilliant turquoise, bright red, and even a bit of 90s neon!

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Beauty is often born from struggle, and weddings in the time of the coronavirus are no exception.

While we’ve had to adapt and come up with new ways to celebrate life and love, we’ve also rediscovered truths we may have forgotten; it really is the little things that matter most.