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3 Honeymoon Experiences You Can Only Have in the Spring
Beach honeymoons and all-inclusive resorts are great, but they’re not very memorable or adventurous. If you’re getting married in the spring, we have some more exciting ideas in mind. Take advantage of your perfect timing and plan one of these three ultra-romantic honeymoon experiences that you can only have in the spring!

California Super Bloom

Where: Southern California

When: March to May

The California super bloom is an elusive spectacle - peak season depends on rainfall and changes every year - so catching it on your honeymoon is an extra-special event. It occurs in parks and deserts across Southern California, when rare rainfalls turn the arid, rocky landscape into a colorful mosaic of blooming wildflowers. Click here to plan your honeymoon around the best super bloom dates and locations.

Cherry Blossom Bloom

Where: Japan or Washington, DC

When: Early April

If you can’t make it to the cherry blossom bloom in Japan, you can also experience it in Washington, DC. The trees burst into color in early April, but just like the California super bloom, exact dates depend on the weather and can vary year by year. Time it just right and you’ll find yourself strolling through endless pink tunnels while petals swirl through the air - there’s truly nothing more romantic than that!


Where: India

When: March

Holi is a Hindu festival held every spring in India. It takes place in March, but the exact date depends on the full moon. It’s known as the festival of love or the festival of colors and is celebrated by throwing vibrant powder at friends, family, and even strangers on the street. It only lasts for one day and one night, but you can check out future dates here to plan your spring honeymoon around the Holi festival.

Make Your Spring Honeymoon Extra-Special With These 3 Experiences!

Buy an affordable engagement ring from Modern Gents to save money for the things that really matter, like creating new memories on your honeymoon with the one you love. Whether you want to stay stateside in California or DC or jet set off to an exotic adventure in India or Japan, these three spring honeymoon destinations have you covered. Relax in a desert transformed with flowers, wander the pink-lined streets of Tokyo or Osaka, or step right into the middle of the excitement of the Holi festival in India for a honeymoon experience you’ll never forget!