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3 (More) Unique Ways to Propose Over The Holidays

The holidays are FINALLY here! We’ve been waiting all year long and now it’s time for hot cocoa, cozy fires, falling snow and presents stacked under the trees. If you’re planning to ask that special someone to marry you this season, here are three totally unique ways to propose over the holidays.


Go Big 🎄

If your partner loves Christmas lights, chances are she’s at the local tree lighting every year. Sure, proposing while you decorate your own house is nice, but proposing in front of a 20 ft. tree with carolers and hot cocoa is even better. Get in contact with the group that’s in charge of the event to partner up for the perfect holiday proposal. Then, celebrate your special moment while the whole town watches!


Spell It Out In Lights 🌟

This is definitely one of the most romantic ways to propose over the holidays. A student at the University of Buffalo used lights to write “Will You Marry Me?” across an entire building. He coordinated it with the building residents and then took his girlfriend outside at night to watch the message go up in lights. Not only did he make the moment unforgettable, but he also showed her just how much time and work he’s willing to put in to make her feel loved. 

If commandeering a building isn’t possible, you can also put our own spin on this proposal by writing will you marry me on a theater marquee or even a billboard instead.


Plan a Surprise Getaway ☃️

Image Credit: BlogLovin'

If your partner doesn’t like to be the center of attention, propose over the holidays with this unique, but low-key idea. Plan a surprise weekend escape to a nearby lodge or B&B to really relax and get into the Christmas spirit. 

Our tip? Turn off your phones and propose when you first arrive so you can spend all weekend celebrating just you two. These quiet moments will make some of the best memories to look back on in the years to come.


Surprise Her With These 3 Unique Ways to Propose Over the Holidays 💍

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Every proposal is different, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t enjoy each and every one. Still, if you want to skip the typical ice skating or Christmas morning proposal this holiday season, we don’t blame you. Instead, propose at your local tree lighting ceremony, spell it out in lights across an entire building, or plan a surprise getaway to enjoy an intimate escape before the holiday mayhem ensues. 

Start planning with our affordable engagement rings and use your savings to make your holiday proposal extra special this year!