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3 Reasons to Give a Promise Ring This Holiday Season
While the holidays have finally passed, it’s still the perfect, spirited season to show your partner how much you care. Just check out some of our customers who got engaged over the holidays!

Image Credit: @idzaaa_0920

Image Credit: @allisonkawatec

We’d like to congratulate each and every one of those happy couples again!
Now, if you’re not ready to get married, fear not! You can still put a ring on her finger! Instead of an engagement ring, though, consider giving your partner a promise ring this holiday season. Promise rings are part of a tradition that dates back hundreds of years, but are often overlooked by modern couples. So, we’re sharing three great reasons to give your partner a promise ring this year!

You Can Choose the Meaning Behind Your Promise Ring

Promise rings are special because the pledge behind them is unique to each couple. Whether you’re vowing commitment, love, or loyalty, a promise ring is the perfect way to say it this year. 

Our tip: Promise rings are an intimate gift because of the thought that goes into them. Make your moment even more special by writing yours in a romantic love letter to give with it! 💌

Promise Rings Are Anything But Boring

Move over, simple gold bands. Now, affordable promise rings come in all colors, shapes, and styles. At Modern Gents, you can choose between white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold, simulated diamond, deep blue tanzanite, eye-catching morganite, colorful opal, and everything in between. Even better? Promise rings start at only $19.95!


Promise Rings Aren’t Just for Women

It’s becoming more and more common for a woman to propose to her man, so why not give him a promise ring as well? Choose a simple and budget-friendly silicone ring or explore more unique looks like the Voyager with an abalone shell inlay or the Valyrian forged with Damascus steel. Men rarely receive jewelry as a gift and usually don’t get to wear a band until their wedding day, so these special promise rings are a subtle but powerful way to show your love and commitment. 


Explore Affordable Promise Rings from Modern Gents

Modern Gents is revolutionizing the jewelry industry. We’re committed to making this holiday season special without the price tag that comes with it, so you can browse over 50 promise rings for men and women that fit into any budget. 

Promise rings are an elegant symbol of your unique relationship and the perfect gift for couples who are almost (but not quite) ready to say “I do.” Give the gift of true love this holiday season with affordable promise rings from Modern Gents!