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3 Super Unique Wedding Bands for Men

Wedding bands  have been around since Ancient Egypt (yes, this is true). The tradition continued from era to era and now into present day -- perhaps this is why every band we see seems like a copy of a copy of a copy…

Luckily for us, times are changing! While solid colors and minimal design will always be a traditional staple in the wedding realm, intricate design and different materials are coming in hot!


Check out these three unique wedding bands for him:


The Ultraflex 

Why a silicone ring? Well, listen to this: In 2014, Jimmy Fallon fell and his wedding band got caught on a countertop. No big deal, right? Except he had to have specialized microsurgery to save his finger from the injury which is known as “ring avulsion.” Look it up. It's not pretty.

I’ve been around countertops my entire life and this almost never happens to me.

In all honesty, ring avulsion is something that you probably only need to concerned about if you’re working around heavy machinery. But if you do, that’s where the Ultraflex comes in. It’s teal (and also comes in other colors). It’s ultra flexible, safer than a metal band, and won’t get dinged up at the gym like your typical white gold. You can wear it in lieu of your normal wedding band or you can stand out and be different and make The Ultraflex your one and only.


The Dragon Glass 

Sometimes, it is all about looks. 

And would you look at this? The Dragon Glass features a gorgeous yet understated band of color surrounded by brushed black tungsten carbide. We like this one because it’s strong as it is beautiful. Tungsten carbide is a robust chemical compound that’s equal parts tungsten and carbon. It’s 2x as stiff and double the density of steel and it has the highest melting point of all the metals. No wonder it’s frequently used as an alternative to gold. Maybe you should consider The Dragon Glass as a substitute for a traditional gold band as well?


The Valyrian 

This Damascus steel wedding band is the antithesis of flashy, but it’s nothing short of badass.  That’s because it’s made from Damascus steel. Here’s why that’s cool: Around 500 AD, swordsmiths in Damascus began to forge swords with unparalleled strength and cutting abilities. The advantage came from steel with a characteristic wavy pattern (as seen in this ring). Europeans tried to recreate it, but they couldn’t figure it out, and in the 19th century it just stopped being made. How it was produced and why it even disappeared was a mystery until 1998! 

That’s right.

It turns out, it wasn’t the process. It was just that the blocks of steel that were coming from India started having slightly different impurities, and Damascus steel was lost for two centuries. Luckily, J.D. Verhoeven figured it out and wrote a paper about it, and now you can wear a wedding band made from this marvelous metal.

Just because wedding rings are an ancient practice, doesn’t mean that you can’t adapt yours to fit modern times and your unique style. Be bold and chose a wedding band that speaks to you 👊🏽