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3 Super Affordable Ring Combos to Surprise Her With This Valentine

Valentine's Day is arguably one of the most stressful days of the year. The pressure of perfection looms over millions of people to make this a night to remember. There's absolutely nothing wrong with participating in a holiday that celebrates the love you and a partner share, but when it starts to burn a hole in your wallet you may want to start reconsidering what it is you're purchasing.

According to a survey done by Wallethub, the average man will spend $339 this Valentine's Day season on gifts alone. For the average American, that money could be a huge chunk toward necessities like rent, bills, and groceries. Although society has programmed us to believe that the more you spend on someone is equivalent to how much you love them, this mentality is toxic and needs to be abandoned.

While you don't need to completely axe the holiday, you can still celebrate this special day with gifts that look expensive but won't break the bank. Ring sets are a classic gift idea, but are often incredibly pricey due to the big box companies trying to take advantage of the holiday.

Here are three beautiful ring sets (for her and for you) that are under $200 that will take her breath away and keep you in the clear until the next Valentine season.

Hearts Ablaze: A Gorgeous Heart-Shaped Halo Ring

If she's a sucker for all things sappy, go for a classic heart-shaped ring and pair it with an elegant band. The Sweetheart is a beautiful 1.5 carat heart halo ring that can be worn on its own or in a set.

heart shaped engagement ring for valentine's day

We recommend pairing it with The Eternity band. Both rings can be worn separately for whatever kind of look she's feeling. For a matching men's band, consider The Titan in sterling silver.

beautiful ring box set wedding and engagement

Pop of Color: Colored Gemstone Rings

If the rings we've shown are a little too plain, why not surprise her with a colored gemstone ring like The Halo Ruby? For another Valentine's-esque option, check out The Halo Sapphire. These gemstone rings are ideal for the girl who's always dressed head-to-toe in color and needs a ring to match.

colored gemstone ruby red and sapphire pink halo rings

Since the stone speaks for itself, keep the band simple with The Desire. The thinner band adds sparkle but still allows the gemstone to stand out. Our men's ring choice is The Inferno, a tungsten ring with a vibrant red inlay that matches the ruby stone.

matching unique colored gemstone engagement and wedding ring his and hers set

The Showstopper: Stunning 2 Ct. Leaf Engagement Ring

Simple, but striking, The Meadow is sure to turn heads with its 2 carat diamond simulated center and the delicate leaf pattern along the side of the band. For something that catches the eye without being tacky or gaudy, this is the perfect piece to gift the girl who likes to be in the spotlight.

non-traditional 925 sterling silver band delicate leaf pattern unique engagement and wedding rings

Because of how unique it is, we suggest wearing it with The Eternity band which is slightly thicker than the rest of the wedding bands we offer. The band is simple enough to let The Meadow shine on its own, but because of the width complements it well without overpowering it. For an equally unique gentleman's pairing, we like The Admiral, a silver tungsten carbide ring with a simple blue inlay.

unique his and hers engagement and wedding ring set blue sterling silver


  • Angela Trejo

    I’m having a wedding renewal in March for my 50th Bday. These are perfect gift.