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4 Winter Date Ideas: The Holiday Edition

Is there any season more romantic than the winter? Snow is falling, the lights are soft, and you’re bundled up with the one you love. This year, take advantage of the idyllic atmosphere and wow your partner with these 4 winter date ideas to get into the holiday spirit.


Get Into the Christmas Spirit 🎁🧣

Let’s be honest, our favorite winter date ideas include a little bit of Christmas cheer as well. Often, places like zoos and parks will be beautifully decorated with holiday lights, so make sure to stop by for these special events! On the weekends, visit Christmas craft bazaars or simply challenge yourself try only the most festive drinks and meals on the menu when you go out to eat. 


Celebrate a Holiday at Home 🏠🎄

All too often the holiday season comes and goes in a blur. All of a sudden you’re surrounded by family and friends (ok, and maybe a little stress), and then it’s done. Instead, make an effort this year to slow down with your significant other and schedule a holiday at home for just you two. Drink hot chocolate, sing Christmas carols, decorate the tree, watch those feel-good Lifetime movies and take a moment to connect and bask in the warm holiday glow together.


Book a Mini Winter Shoot 📸❄️

Winter is the low season for wedding photographers and many offer mini shoots at a discount. Snap a few casual and fun pictures in the snow this year and use them for your Christmas card or as framed gifts that your parents will definitely love.


Try Something New 🎭🎤

Winter doesn’t have to be boring! In fact, it’s a great time to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Research what’s available in your city and chances are you’ll find that indoor rock climbing, couples yoga, dance and craft classes, comedy shows, the local ballet and more all make for fun and unique winter date ideas.


You Can’t Go Wrong With These 4 Winter Date Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and these four winter date ideas take advantage of that. Get into the Christmas spirit at special events, slow down with your own private holiday at home, create lasting memories with a winter photo shoot or schedule time to try something new together. This year, spending quality time with the one you love is the best way to celebrate the season!