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5 Affordable Ways to Pop the Question this Fall

September 11, 2018

5 Affordable Ways to Pop the Question this Fall

Ah, fall. 🍂 The season of cuddles and coziness, falling leaves and fireplaces. What other time of year makes for a more romantic setting, not to mention - better proposal pictures? If you’re ready for that heart-stopping, down on one knee, the second that lasts a lifetime moment, now is the time to start prepping. But with so many opportunities stretched out before you (and yes, they are affordable), how do you choose the perfect way to ask her (or him, see article ‘Can a Woman Propose to a Man’) to tie the knot? Check out our 5 affordable proposal ideas for fall!


Corn Maze

Admit it, you love corn mazes as much as a kid does. There’s something magical and undeniably fun about them, and they make a cute and nostalgic setting for a fall proposal. You can even use cheesy lines like, “You found the way to my heart,” without sounding like a dork. Just remember that corn mazes are very popular with the younger crowd, so maybe scope it out ahead of time to find a secluded spot (be sure to keep track of directions, it is a maze after all!) and pick a time with less foot traffic.


Apple Orchard

Another classic fall activity that many couples enjoy doing together is visiting an apple orchard. While your special someone is searching for the perfect apple, you can be searching for the perfect proposal spot. With the sunlight shining through the trees, the crisp smell of apple hanging in the air, and love filling your heart, you’ll have no trouble shaking off those nerves and popping the question.


Football Game Proposal

Image Credit: VisitHoustonTexas.com

The couple that watches football together, stays together. If you and your honey are the sporty type, this proposal will be right up your alley. Tailgating season will forever hold a special place in your hearts from now on, for more than one reason. While this proposal does take more careful planning (you’ll need the help of those in charge of the scoreboards, as well as strategic timing and a carefully chosen seat), it is worth it. Just remember that if you’re with someone who is on the shy side, a public proposal of this scale might be a bit too much for them.


Holiday Proposal

Image Credit: Pinterest

Give yourself even more reason to celebrate this holiday season by choosing to ask for their hand on a day that is already special. If you’re a couple that fully embraces the Halloween season, goes all-out on costumes, and prefers to take the non-traditional route in life, an All Hallows Eve proposal may be just for you. If, however, you are more traditional, and would rather be surrounded by family for this momentous occasion, Thanksgiving is the way to go.


Incorporate Staples of the Season

If location is less important than presentation to you, consider a home-centered proposal using some key items of the season. Pumpkins carved with a “Marry Me” message, leaves and fairy lights strung throughout the yard creating a curtain of color, or bonfires and s'mores with a hidden treasure inside all give off an air of magic, romance, and that special feeling of comfort that only autumn can bring. 


With fall right around the corner, it’s imperative to start planning within these last summer months. Whether you imagine your proposal to be a momentous occasion on a big screen kiss cam, or a in much more intimate setting amongst the falling leaves - your day would be incomplete without a beautiful ring. Letting your sweetheart know how much you truly adore her without breaking the bank is 100% possible with a Modern Gents ring. Each ring in our collection boasts the strongest of materials, the shiniest of stones, and a price point that will make you want to buy more than one! (Seriously, multiple wedding rings are a thing). 💍💍💍

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