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5 Date Night Ideas for Under $40

As the old saying goes; no matter how long you’ve been together, you should never stop dating your partner! Frequent date nights get expensive fast, but you don’t have to let the cost keep you from investing in your relationship. Here are 5 inexpensive date night ideas for under $40, so you can enjoy each other’s company without breaking the bank!


Subscribe to a Date Box service!

Take the work out of date night and let a themed date arrive at your doorstep ready to go. Companies like Date Night In provide a suggested menu with recipes, a box full of activities, a custom playlist and a snack to share! This is a great option if getting out is difficult; you can still have a fun unique date right at home!


Get outside!

Pack a picnic and set off on an adventure to explore a new place. Hike a trail you’ve never been to, go kayaking, or bike to somewhere new. Then lay your blanket out and enjoy some delicious food while you talk and enjoy each other’s company. Bring some discussion questions to work through or dream up a future trip.


Go on a progressive dinner!

Grab a drink somewhere, move on to another place for appetizers, and still another for dinner (and maybe a fourth for dessert!) The key here is to take advantage of Happy Hour. Drinks, appetizers, dinner, and dessert can add up to well over $40 really quickly. If you can get your drinks and appetizers during happy hour, you’ll get more bang for your buck. Alternatively, you can pick just two or three options to keep the cost lower.


Date night in!

Staying in doesn't have to be boring, pick something that is new and different for you and it will be a blast! 

  • Get out board games and have an epic game night. Up the stakes with a bet, maybe loser cleans up! 
  • Pick a fancy dinner menu and go shopping together for the ingredients; come home and cook it together! 
  • Order some fancy take-out and snuggle up on the couch with a movie. 
  • Get a slew of ingredients and have your partner try to guess the different foods, then take your turn.

The possibilities are endless!


Culture yourselves!

Many museums are free or have days/times with reduced prices. Hold hands and stroll through halls learning about Ancient Egypt or Impressionism. Get some selfies with the art, then get a snack in the museum cafe. Take your time and enjoy each other’s company and discussion over what you see and learn.

Paying for an activity and food in one date gets expensive, so your best bet is to spend more money on food and do a free/cheap activity or vice versa. Quality time doesn’t have to come with a big price tag! 💏

If you've been on dates like this (and even some we didn't suggest), let us know in the comments below. We'd love to hear about the different ways our readers are going out and saving serious cash! Gone on enough dates to know she/he is the one, but still need to be smart with your spending? Consider a Modern Gents engagement ring. Check it: a high quality, absolutely shiny, ridiculously stunning rock that costs about the same price as any one of the aforementioned dates. Don't believe us? Check it out for yourself 😎💍