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5 Great Reasons You’re Ready to Propose

Every relationship has its own milestones and moments that might make you think it’s time to get married.

Maybe you’ve been successfully living together for over a year, or perhaps you’ve started talking about serious things like having kids, joining finances, or buying a house together. Whatever the situation, if marriage is on your mind, here are some great reasons you’re ready to pop the question:

couple smiling at each other

1. You’ve Experienced the Good and the Bad, and You’re Still Together

The honeymoon phase is real, and it can last anywhere from a few months to over a year. It might be tempting to pull out a ring when you’re feeling blissful and in love, not to mention if you haven’t had a serious fight. Despite what you might think, though, those fights are incredibly important not just to uncover issues that need to be resolved, but also to establish how you and your partner handle conflict. You need to know how to have healthy arguments, because they’re going to happen over the course of married life. If you’ve fought, made up, and still love and respect one another after arguing, you’re on the right track.

married couple wearing wedding rings

2. You Automatically Include Them in Your Future Plans

When you don’t hesitate to check plus one for that wedding you’re attending in six months, or you make plans for Christmas in February, or you start thinking about vacation spots for two, you’re making a choice, and an important one. When future plans always include your partner, you’re telling yourself (and them) that you’re in it for the long haul. You’re reserving space for them in your future, because you know they’ll be there.

couple embracing

3. You’ve Already Started Researching Rings

Have your Internet searches led you down the engagement ring wormhole quite by accident? If you’ve ever found yourself browsing rings and aren’t sure how you got there, you likely have a proposal on the mind, even if you haven’t yet made the conscious decision to go through with it yet. Keep researching, because sooner or later you’ll find the perfect ring, and when you do you’ll know it’s time! Looking for rings? Shop Modern Gents for inexpensive & affordable beautiful rings here!

woman wearing cushion halo wedding set

Rings: The Evermore

4. You’re Not Afraid to Have Open, Honest Conversations

Can you tell your partner everything that’s on your mind? Can you be honest with them without fearing backlash? Do you have honest conversations about your hopes, feelings, and uncertainties? When relationship experts preach the power of communication, they’re not lying. If you can talk to one another about anything and everything without fearing judgement, you’ve created an important foundation of trust that will guide you when the conversations are easy, and when they’re difficult.

man giving woman a piggyback ride

5. You Know Each Others’ Future Ambitions, and You’re 100% On Board

We live in a society that’s trying its best to push for equality, which means there are more opportunities for women than there were in the past. This has changed and will continue to change relationship dynamics. It’s important to acknowledge early on where you both stand as far as life and career ambitions. If one of you is looking for a more “traditional” arrangement but the other isn’t, that could spell trouble down the road. All the cards should be on the table, and you should both have an idea of where you want to see yourselves career-wise in a few years. Supporting each others’ ambitions means you’re ready for the sacrifices, but also the rewards.

married couple wearing wedding rings

Rings: The Amore, The Mia, The Hammer

Every relationship will be different and have its own milestones, but these points highlight some important steps that signal you’re ready to propose and start the next chapter of your life with your partner.

And if you’re not there yet, that’s okay! Never rush the future, because it will come when it’s ready. Keep loving your partner and working to build a strong relationship, and when the time is right, you’ll be ready.