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5 Important Questions to Ask Before Planning Your Wedding

The question’s been popped, the answer is yes, and now the fun of planning a wedding can begin!

Hold up, because there are actually a few important things you need to do before you dot your first i or cross your first t. Before you start planning, you should answer these five questions in order to steer yourself in the right direction from the beginning:

bride and groom in paris

Question 1: What’s the budget?

You really can’t get anything done without establishing your budget. Otherwise you’ll have your big day half planned before you realize you’ve wandered into royal wedding territory, but you don’t have a royal bank account. Every wedding should be planned around a budget, as this will help guide your choices and ensure you have your finances in order when you start your married life.

While you’re deciding how much to spend on each portion of the wedding, think about where you can cut back and how to keep costs down. A great place to start is with the really expensive aspects, like rings and dresses. You’ll only wear the dress once, so why not go secondhand? You’ll cut your costs in half. And if you ditch the diamonds and choose affordable rings instead, you open up a huge chunk of change to save for the honeymoon or spend on something you really, really want at your wedding. Companies like Modern Gents offer inexpensive & affordable engagement rings and wedding bands that look & shine like a real diamond (for a fraction of the price). Shop the full collection here!

woman wearing wedding set

Rings: The Mia, The Cambria

Question 2: Who absolutely has to be invited?

Before writing out the guest list, start with a “must-have” list. Who will make your special day complete? Who could you not imagine getting married without? You might consider these people your VIP guests and take their availability into account first and foremost when deciding on a date. Your family members will most likely be at the top of the list, but don’t discount any friends who are immensely important to you. Just remember to keep it short and honest (no feeling guilty for not wanting one cousin to attend as much as another).

waterfront reception venue

Question 3: Should we go big or small?

Your budget will largely dictate this decision, but if you have some wiggle room, you might think over the size of wedding you want. This doesn’t just include the guest list, because you can go extravagant without hundreds of guests. It’s more about the level of pomp and circumstance you’re after, and with bigger pomp comes bigger costs. Small, intimate weddings are just as special as all-out parties, so never feel like your budget is stopping you from putting together a beautiful wedding.

woman wearing emerald cut ring

Ring: The Alexandria

Question 4: Do we want traditional or non-traditional?

Gone are the days when a wedding had to go a certain way because “it’s tradition.” You don’t have to have one parent walk you down the aisle, you don’t have to wear a veil, and you don’t have to have a certain number of people in your wedding party. There will be so many traditional vs non-traditional decisions to make along the way, so before you start, talk it over with your future spouse and see where you both stand as far as wedding traditions go.

bride and groom running on beach

Question 5: What sacrifices are we willing to make?

There will be compromises, and there will be sacrifices, but the good news is that there will also be pleasant surprises. Don’t let the former catch you off guard, though. Make a list ahead of time of aspects that aren’t as vital and can be sacrificed if need be. For example, if you have one specific venue in mind and you don’t want to get married anywhere else, what are you willing to do to make it happen, such as being flexible about the date or inviting fewer guests? You’ll have fewer mishaps and avoid last-minute disagreements if you can establish what’s more and less important.

woman wearing princess cut solitaire ring

Ring: The Olivia

Phew, that was a bit to go through!

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of the direction you want your wedding to go. Pre-planning is just as important as everything that comes after, and if you take the time to establish some guidelines you’ll have a much easier time ironing out the rest.


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