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5 of Our Favorite Twitch Stream Categories

Has anyone been extra bored while in quarantine lately?

Let’s be honest, there have probably been some days where you’ve found yourself scrolling through Netflix or YouTube endlessly looking for something to watch… We know we have! 😅 If so, you may want to stop by this free streaming platform for some new entertainment and people to chat with while at home.

This live streaming site was initially targeted towards gamers, but has since expanded to different audiences in recent years.

Twitch categories

It’s a great way for content creators to engage with their community in real time while making content that is later posted to their YouTube or other social channels. On Twitch, you’re able chat, ask questions, and even help support your favorite streamer through donations and subscriptions. It is a great way to interact with others that have similar interests as you while staying in the comfort of your own home. 

We’ve put together a few different categories outside of gaming we recommend checking out!

Just Chatting

woman chatting on laptop

Just Chatting is probably the one of the most watched categories on Twitch as of recently. Here you can find streamers doing a range of things that include vlogging, reacting to content sent to them by viewers, as well as run polls to let viewers decide what they will be doing during any given stream. This category has the biggest community engagement so if you’re looking for some new people to chat with, look no further! 

Check it out here.


person watercolor painting

This category is a great place to watch artists of all levels express their creativity. Here you can browse through artists working on a range of artwork that include traditional art, animation, photoshop work, and even painting. Thanks to the interactive nature of Twitch, many artists are able to engage with their viewers directly. It's a great way to get creative feedback and to pitch new ideas!

Check it out here.

Food & Drinks


This section on Twitch is great for all you foodies! Here you’ll find a number of streamers broadcasting themselves cooking some of their sweet and savory dishes. 😋If you’re not much of a cook, there are channels where people make cocktails and drinks as well... we'll cheers to that! Thanks to Twitch chat, you can talk and throw some of your own ideas their way. Most of us are at home anyway, why not pick up some new ideas for some tasty home cooked meals.

Check it out here.

Podcast & Talk Shows

woman speaking into a mic

Another awesome category on Twitch is their Podcast & Talk Show section! Here you’ll find a variety of channels broadcasting and discussing numerous topics. These range anywhere from politics, improv, technology, and even movie news. Some smaller award organizations broadcast their awards show here and one popular podcast on Twitch is put on weekly by IMDB where they discuss new and upcoming movies.

Check it out here.

Music & Performing Arts

person playing guitar

Since social distancing started, just about every live show or concert has been cancelled or postponed. It’s an unfortunate reality, but since then there have been musicians and DJs that have taken their performances to Twitch! It’s by no means the same as being there live but it does make for a nice free show at the comfort of your own home. In this category, you’ll also find musicians and producers live stream their creative process while chatting with their viewers. That's some free music lessons right there!

Check it out here.

You never know what'll happen on livestreams – that's one of the exciting aspects about it.

Twitch is no longer just a hub for gamers. There's a category for everyone out there! Why not even take it a step further and livestream something yourself? You might be the one that everyone tunes in for!

Whatever you choose, we'd like to thank you for always continuing to support Modern Gents. Stay safe, strong, and inside the house!