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5 Pandemic-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Your Engagement

An engagement during these crazy times is just the spark of good news that a lot of us are craving!

Of course, the pandemic does put a hitch in one of the traditional post-engagement plans: the engagement party. That doesn’t mean you can’t find other ways to celebrate, though! Here’s how to toast to your engagement safely, both with friends and with one another.

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1. Zoom Engagement Party

Video conferencing tools have been indispensable to friends who want to get the group together without leaving the house. Invite an intimate group of close friends and family members, have everyone grab a glass of their drink of choice, and toast from afar to your new life. Make sure you do this before making any posts on social media, since this way you’ll choose who hears your news first!

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2. DIY Ring Photo Shoot

Another tradition of post-engagement life is the engagement photo shoot. You might be able to hire a photographer and do this safely, but if you don’t want to take any chances or are after the budget-route, consider doing your own photo shoot spotlighting the ring! You’ll not only get some great photos to share, you’ll also get some one-on-one time with your future spouse.

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3. Cook a Special Meal

A celebratory dinner is practically a must-have. Instead of lamenting the fact that you can’t head to your favorite restaurant, why not try to recreate one of their meals at home? Go a step above what you would normally do and try to make something a little fancier, complete with candlelight, soft music, and dressy clothes. Intimate meal for two, anyone?

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4. Spend a Couples Weekend Out in Nature

Where can you go during a pandemic where you’ll encounter fewer people? Nature is always the perfect getaway! Pack up your tent, van, or RV and head for a national park or secret destination. You might not be able to travel to an exotic location for your engagement-moon, but you’ll still be with one another in a beautiful place. Does it get any better than that?

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5. One-on-One Celebrations

Under normal circumstances, one aspect of the after-engagement celebration involves asking your closest friends to be in your wedding party. You can still do this, and make it special! Invite each individual friend over on different days to a backyard get-together or park (or really any setting where it’s easier to social distance safely), and then ask them to be a bridesmaid or groomsman! You’ll be able to celebrate more intimately and start planning your wedding all in one.

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Celebrations shouldn’t end during the pandemic! In fact, we should savor good news and happy occasions even more, and appreciate the fact that life still goes on and love still reigns supreme.


  • Byrdie

    If your close family or friends live nearby you could have a drive-thru engagement party. The happy couple can be outside as your loved ones drive-by, wish you well, and maybe drop off a present. If the parents haven’t met yet you can host a zoom meeting so everyone can get acquainted.