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New Up and Coming Artists to Check Out in Quarantine

Being stuck at home might drive you crazy. But what’s something that everyone can agree on that always turns your mood around? Music!


As the great philosopher Plato once said, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” Preach, Plato!

But there can be times when you’re stuck in a music rut. Maybe you finally overplayed that song you discovered fifteen times too many, or maybe you’re finding yourself skipping every song when you set your music to shuffle. We get it, we’ve all been there! Here’s our list of some up-and-coming music artists to check out, hopefully there’s an artist who speaks to your soul!

1. Mac Ayres

Mac Ayres

How do you even begin to describe Mac Ayres? Answer: you can’t. If you had to put him in a genre, the best one would be r&b with a lot of soul. But his music defies labels, he blends different genres together to create some of the dreamiest, chillest music on the scene. Being stuck at home can make you feel trapped, Mac’s music can take you to a different world full of whimsy and easy breezy beats.

Check out his song, Easy: Spotify / Apple Music

2. Snoh Aalegra

Snoh Aalegra

As talented as she is beautiful, Snoh Aalegra’s vocals are as smooth as butter. Need some easy, romantic listening? You’ve found the perfect artist! Snoh’s sound is soulful, inspired by her idols like Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, and Aretha Franklin. This is the kind of music you’ll want to just close your eyes and immerse yourself in. The Iranian & Swedish singer and songwriter is quickly rising, check her out so you can be the first of your friends to blast her in the car (after quarantine, of course!).

Check out her song, I Want You Around: Spotify / Apple Music

3. Doja Cat

Doja Cat

Okay, you’ve probably heard of her–especially if you frequent TikTok (you might also recognize her from the I'm a Cow song that went viral a couple years ago). Quickly rising to superstar status, why include Doja Cat on the list? Simply put: her music is perfect for the days when quarantine and social distancing are getting you down. Her music isn’t ‘deep’ by any means, but it’s fun, danceable, and will put a smile on your face. Not all music has to have double entendres and meaning, sometimes you just want to listen to something that’ll put you in a good mood, and Doja Cat’s music will do just that!

Check out her song, Say So: Spotify / Apple Music

4. Common Kings

Common Kings

With summer just around the corner and no way of knowing when quarantine will blow over, a getaway trip to the islands sounds heavenly. If you’re missing the surf and sun, what music better embodies island life than reggae? Common Kings is a Hawaiian reggae group that’s been together for years but is finally starting to get the mainstream recognition they deserve. Their cross-cultural music ties in multiple genres: pop, rock, soul, and reggae. Laid back yet upbeat, make yourself a drink, kick back, and enjoy their unique sound.

Check out their song, Wade in Your Water: Spotify / Apple Music

5. Last Dinosaurs

Last Dinosaurs

Another group that’s been together for years, Last Dinosaurs is one of those bands you’ll listen to and go, “HOW are they not bigger?!” The Australian indie rock band hails from Brisbane but are of Japanese descent, creating the unique sound that makes Last Dinosaurs. Although each song has that signature Last Dinosaurs ‘feel’ that every diehard fan can pick up on, their sound ranges with the blend of different genres. Easy listening has never been easier.

Check out their song, FMU: Spotify / Apple Music

That completes our first list of music artists to check out during quarantine!

earphones and coffee

Have you checked out the rest of our At Home With Modern Gents series? Let us know who’s on your quarantine playlist in the comments section! As always, we appreciate the endless support you’ve shown us here at Modern Gents. Please continue to be safe and look after each other! See you in the next post.


  • Sherri

    WOW. These songs and artists are fantastic!! I love to dance and see the Bliss shining in the sun as I do! Thanks for your great quarantine series!