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5 Things Content Creators Can Do in Quarantine

Chances are, if you’re a content creator in the age of this pandemic, your creative juices are running on a pretty limited supply.

Many of us get inspiration from nature, connecting with other people, visiting new places, and trying new things. Now that the quarantine has cut our inspiration in half, it can be difficult to find the desire to create or even figure out what to create.

Here’s some ideas that content creators of all levels can try out in quarantine to get the ball rolling again!

1. Work on abandoned projects.

woman working on project

Remember that old video project you started, but then gave up halfway through because it didn’t fit your vision? Or what about those pictures you never got to editing because it was way too time-consuming to edit? How’s that blog you set up, but never ended up publishing your first article? If you have projects sitting in your files that never got completed, try busting them out and giving them another try. After leaving them for some time, maybe you’ll see them from a fresh perspective and some inspiration will surface!

2. Collaborate with your local community.

photographer taking photo of food

Reach out to local small businesses and fellow creators, and see if there’s something you do to help with your creative skills! Offer to drum up some aesthetic Instagram stories for them, or see if there are any photos they’d like edited. Ask if you can put together a promotional sale video for them if you’re skilled at video editing or maybe refresh their website with new product descriptions. Whether you choose to do it for free or for a discounted price, supporting these small businesses through your content creating skills can help them greatly! And remember, you always receive back what you pay forward.

3. Refresh your old content!


Review your old work and see if you can adjust it accordingly. Swap out old images for something fresh & current on your blog, update the video descriptions on your channel, repin & repost some pictures that haven’t surfaced on your account in a while with your new editing style. If you have nothing new to create, you can always spruce up old content and make it shine!

4. Organize your digital workspace.

person looking at photos on computer

When we’re finishing up a project at 2am (which, let’s face it – happens more often than we’d like), we can haphazardly throw things into random files and hit the ‘save’ button without checking where exactly we’re saving it. Our downloads folder might look like a digital tornado hit, and there might be a few too many files labeled siidhksfhkdsfsfsd. Clean out and organize your computer files, SD cards, external drives, and free up some space! Don’t forget to back up your work and also save it to a digital cloud storage to ensure you never lose your content.

5. Research new equipment.


Was your content creativity growing, growing, growing, and then it suddenly seemed to...plateau? If that’s the case, one reason could be you’ve simply outgrown your tools. If you photography skills have blossomed exponentially, but you’re still using the starter camera and lens kit you first had, maybe it’s time to invest in a new lens. While iMovie may have sufficed in the beginning, it might be smart to move on to Final Cut Pro or Adobe instead. Take a look at your current kit and see what would be a smart investment! While creativity relies on what’s inside your head, sometimes you can only create so much of a variety with a certain set of tools.

The creative road is full of ups and downs, but you can still use quarantine to grow your talents!


With these unprecedented times, it can be difficult to navigate the waters as a content creator. However, like all things, it will pass and things will regain a sense of normalcy. In the meantime, continue trying your best to stay productive and creative, and remember to take breaks when necessary!

Thank you for the support all of you have shown us at Modern Gents. We hope that you, your loved ones, and your community continue to stay safe & healthy. Keep taking care of each other and as well as yourself. We'll see you in our next post!