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5 Things to Remember to Do While in Quarantine

Being quarantined has given us time to think about some things that we may have been forgetting about beforehand.

This is why we thought you would like to be reminded of some productive things you can do during this quarantine to make your day better! 

1. Call your friends and family.

married man checking phone

This may seem pretty obvious but it’s something that we tend to overlook during our day to day lives. Right now is the best time to reconnect with your family and friends that you may have not spoken to in a while. Check up on them, see how they're doing, and ask how they've been handling the pandemic. They would love to hear from you and it always feels good to catch up with a loved one.

2. Workout from home.

woman working out wearing silicone wedding ring

For those who had a daily gym routine or were wanting to get started, you still can from the comfort of your home! Don't let your hard work from the gym go to waste! You can still maintain a healthy lifestyle even when the gyms are closed. Now that many of us are either working from home or quarantined, keeping healthy has shot to the top of the priority list.

Check out our previous post on some easy workouts you can do at home.

3. Talk a walk outside!

married woman holding flowers

Although we are supposed to stay inside, taking a nice walk in your neighborhood (with proper face wear!) can be so relaxing. This is usually something most of us don’t have the time to do but let's face it, quarantine has opened up a lot of free time. Now that the weather is starting to get warmer, pop on your headphones, soak in some much-needed vitamin D, and bask in the fresh air. It'll do you a lot of good!

4. Skip the takeout and start cooking!

woman holding orange

Ordering Postmates or picking up takeout has been a part of everyone's daily lives as of recently, probably more than we'd like. Although it's convenient, we're better off cooking for the majority of the week – our bodies and our wallets are begging us. This would also make for a great date night and you can change the theme of every date depending on what you are making.

Need some recipes to get started? We've got you covered, check out our previous post on some quick & easy recipes! We've got something for every meal, plus dessert.

5. Start a new hobby – especially that thing you've been meaning to try.

married woman typing

If you have been thinking about starting a new hobby now is perfect time to do so. Pick up an instrument, learn how to knit, or paint. These are all great ways to pass the time and learn something new that you can keep practicing even after this quarantine is over. With so much going on, we might forget to take time for ourselves and do something fun. Don't neglect yourself in the process!

Not sure where to start? Here's five hobbies we think you should try out!

These are some of the things that we have been doing to keep ourselves occupied while at home.

Remember that ultimately, all that matters is taking care of you and your loved ones health & well being! What are some things that you have been doing? Make sure to leave us a comment below and give us some suggestions!

We hope all of you are staying safe and continuing to practice social distancing! We'll see you in our next post.