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5 Ways I

Though it’s safe to say that all of our lives have drastically changed, each one of us is handling this peculiar time differently.

Some are doing everything in their power to stay productive, while others are heavily indulging in self care. The good news is that there is no wrong way to do this #quarantine – however you’re managing to get through the day is a-ok, as long as you’re staying safe, home, and healthy!

Here are five ways I’m keeping cool and entertained all from the comfort of home:

1. Spotify


spotify logo

It’s been said before that music has the power to bring us all together, and I find this especially true when it comes to music festivals. As 2020 debuts the worst festival season to date, having different events postpone and ultimately cancel (for the best, I know, I know), avid festival-goers are left feeling lost and empty

With no set date as to when we’ll be able to get a cute outfit on and dance the day away, I’ve been using Spotify literally 24/7 to help me get my music fix. Yes, there are tons of music streaming apps that you can download – but let me explain why Spotify is the greatest. This is one of the only apps I’d recommend buying the premium version of. No ads, any song, any time (data or not), and you can create and share playlists with everyone you know.

After listening to a few songs on your own, Spotify will do its magic and create 5-6 Daily Mixes for you that span across all of your favorite genres. This is a great way to not only hear your favorite songs non-stop, but also be introduced to new music that there’s an actual chance of you liking! I can’t tell you how many songs I’ve discovered and ended up loving that I would’ve probably never come across if it weren’t for Spotify. New music helps keep these days that continue to mesh into one a little bit more bearable and a whole lot more groovy.

Need new music? Check out these five rising artists handpicked by Modern Gents.

2. Pinterest


pinterest boards

I’ve always been a fan of Pinterest. It’s not a demanding form of social media where you have to keep up with this and that, or stay on trend – it’s just one big board all about you. I’ve primarily used Pinterest to envision things: future birthday party decor, my elaborate wedding extravaganza, future photo aesthetics, and outfit inspiration. But, now that we’re stuck inside the house, it’s the perfect time to add more and more to look forward to!

I’ve added and refined my home decor board, added a large handful of recipes to try to my cooking board, and compiled a list of solid workouts to my fitness board. It’s great to get pages together of things you really like to keep yourself busy and pleased, as you’re looking at only things you like! It’s even better when you try that recipe you’ve been wanting to try, complete that workout you saved – try it out! We’ve got nothing but time.

(While you're at it, follow Modern Gents on our Pinterest account here!)

3. Setting + Completing Weekly Projects

woman holding pen wearing wedding band


Just because we’re stuck at home doesn’t mean that there aren’t projects to be worked on. However, we can totally understand how being inside a majority of the day can bring on a lack of motivation – we get it! Something that helps me get my sh*t done is writing it all down where I can see it everyday, doing said project, and crossing it off the list as I go. It’s literally the most visually satisfying thing.

I found a cute marble white board and markers from Home Goods, but you can easily find something similar on Amazon! I prefer a white board over paper, 1. To save the environment, and 2. Crossing things off is a lot more dramatic and satisfying when you can do it with the mere swipe of your finger. I hung my board right by my front door, so it is 100% visible. I figure out what needs to be done before the beginning of the week and get it all on the board so it’s ready for Monday; things like chores, organizational projects, and home decor projects are all listed here and having it all listed out keeps it fresh in my mind and more of a priority to do!

4. Exercise

woman exercising wearing silicone wedding band


Prior to the lockdown, I was an avid gym goer, getting in 5-6 days in the gym and 2 days out of the week with my trainer. One of my favorite things to do during the week was take my pup to hike a popular trail by my house and enjoy the sunset. Leading a fairly active lifestyle and watching the gyms and parks close down is tough, especially when you don’t want to lose your #gains! However, as you may have learned from any one influencer/YouTuber during this quarantine is that home workouts are 100% doable without any equipment.

Check out Pinterest or YouTube for different variations of at-home workouts and get moving! Or, get a comfy, breathable mask, download Nike Running App and take a jog around your neighborhood. If you’re deal-finding savvy, you can score cheap, used equipment on Offer Up or Facebook market, as well as find some simple resistance bands on Amazon. Start with a 30 minute workout each day, progress from there, and watch how good you feel!

Need some simple, at-home workouts? Check out our previous fitness post!

5. Online Shopping

woman online shopping wearing pear cut ring


It’s a no-brainer that during times of uncertainty like so, you should be saving as much money as you can. We completely agree! Aside from essentials, we strongly recommend limiting your shopping. With this being said, don’t forget that you are human too and deserve to treat yourself every once in a while (keywords here). As long as you’re keeping your finances in order, one new top, a new book, or a pair of rollerblades won’t hurt (remember, we're using 'or' not 'and'). We suggest keeping an eye on your favorite brand’s sales (there’s tons going on right now), or shops that offer payment plans like Affirm, Klarna, or AfterPay!

If it helps with the guilt and uncertainty, clean out your house of things you're no longer using and make a point to donate them/pass them along when the quarantine lifts! Make it a challenge and do it tit for tat – want to buy a new pair of shoes? You have to donate a pair you aren't using first. Eyeing a new purse? Got to pass off the one that's sitting in your closet before you place your order!

We all cope differently, and that's okay.

woman relaxing

Whether your quarantine falls in line with mine or we didn't meet at any of the crossroads, everyone's entitled to their own way of handling the situation. The best thing we can do is continue to be safe in our own homes and take care of our loved ones.

No matter what you're doing during this time, all of us at Modern Gents are wishing you good health & prosperity. Hopefully this quarantine will pass quickly and we'll be reunited with all of our family and friends again!


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