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5 Ways to Cool Off a Summer Wedding

Summer weddings incorporate everything that’s good about summer―and some things that aren’t. Heat is one of the main concerns of couples who choose to tie the knot in the warmer months, and for good reason. Not only is excessive sun unpleasant, but it can also be dangerous. Protect your guests (and yourself) by keeping these “cool” wedding tips in mind:



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Hand-held fans are popular summer wedding favors for the ceremony, but you don’t have to stop there. If your reception is outdoors, include a few on the tables as well. The dance floor is another place where fans will be appreciated, particularly if you’re not using a closed indoor venue with A/C.


Less Formal Attire

Some of us might be dreaming of a black tie wedding, but at outdoor weddings that’s not always realistic. Relax the rules a bit and let your guests come in summer dresses and button up shirts without jackets. While the day is about you and your future spouse, you also want to make sure your guests are happy. Besides, no one wants to be surrounded by sweat on their wedding day.


Always Make Sure There’s AC Somewhere

Even if your location doesn’t get overwhelmingly hot, some of your guests will be more sensitive to heat. You may be planning to keep everything outdoors, but don’t forget to have at least one place that will serve as the retreat for those who need a brief dose of modern cooling comfort. You could even set up small seating areas with portable A/C units so no one feels left out of the celebration.


Squirt Guns

Disclaimer - we’re not suggesting you give any to kids and let them run wild. But, if you’re adventurous, you could set up a designated area for water related fun that’s for adults, too! What better way to liven up a wedding than by letting everyone release their inner child?


Venue with a Pool

If you know someone with a pool who’s willing to let you get married in their backyard, or you find a venue with an outdoor pool, take advantage of it. Remind your guests not to show up in just their swimming suits, but let them know that a pool will be available, should they choose to partake. For the bride, this might be a fun way to “trash the dress.” Add some tropical drinks to the menu, and you’ll have planned a wedding that few of your guests will forget!

The choice doesn’t have to be between suffering through the heat and changing the date of your wedding. Summer can be tamed with the right preparation and a little creativity!