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5 Ways to Incorporate

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Every bride knows the rhyme by heart. It’s an age old good luck tradition linking brides through the generations, and even if you’re not superstitious, you’ve probably been mulling over how to bring each piece into your wedding day. If you have the first three covered, here are some ways to incorporate “something blue”:

bride wearing blue wedding dress

Option 1: Hair Accessories

A simple but effective way to add something blue is through hair accessories. Whether you’re going with an updo, half updo, or leaving your hair down, it’s easy to slip on an accessory. You can find decorative hair combs that hold your veil in place, jeweled bobby pins to place here and there in your curls, or floral clips and full on headpieces if you want your something blue to stand out.

woman wearing emerald cut ring

Ring: The Alexandria

Option 2: Bouquet Ribbon

Your bouquet could technically be considered part of your attire, and if you’re hesitant to add any colors to your hairdo, dress, or accessories, adding to the bouquet instead is a great way to still make sure you get your something blue. This choice can be personalized if you plan in advance. Instead of just wrapping a plain blue ribbon around the flower stems, you can have it embroidered with the names of loved ones who can’t be with you on your big day, romantic sayings, empowering words, or maybe something special your future spouse calls you.

blue floral bouquet

Option 3: Hidden Details

Hidden details are cute and clever ways to add something blue to your attire. There are an endless number of possibilities, but to give you some ideas, here’s what other brides have done:

  • Sew your wedding date into the hem of your dress in blue thread
  • Paint the bottom of your shoes blue
  • Pin a small blue pearl to your dress
  • Add a blue jewel to the fastenings on your dress
  • Choose a blue garter
wedding garter

Option 4: Shoes

If blue complements or is part of your color scheme, why not choose blue shoes? White, champagne, and blush wedding dresses go well with blue, and many dresses are long enough that the shoes won’t be the focal point anyway. Of course, your shoes don’t have to be all blue. Blue jewels or detailing on the outside certainly qualify as something blue! If you choose carefully, you might even be able to wear them for many more occasions in the future.

blue heels

Option 5: Family Heirlooms

Weddings are wonderful celebrations that join two people, and two families. Not all of our family members can be with us, but you can bring them into your day in spirit by incorporating heirlooms. These will count as something old, of course, but blue jewelry, handkerchiefs, scarves, or other small heirlooms can also be your something blue. Heirlooms don’t have to be from family members that aren’t with you, though. Maybe your mom still has her something blue, or your aunt wore blue wedding jewelry that’s sitting in a box waiting for the next generation.

woman wearing The Star Light set

Rings: The Star Light set

Some wedding traditions might not make sense in the modern world, but many are still fun and can make your day even more special.

A simple “something blue” can turn into an heirloom that you pass on to your children, or it can be a reminder that you look at every now and then that will make you think back on your wedding with a smile.