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5 Ways to Practice Self Care

It’s turned out to be quite a different year than we were envisioning, huh?

No matter where you are in life right now, it is more than apparent that life itself has completely changed right before our eyes and there is no certain timeframe as to when things will go back to “normal." Although the thought of this is somewhat unsettling, the need for social distancing and staying home is more crucial than ever before. 

All this to say, while staying home during this time, it’s just as important to be happy and mentally healthy!

Here are five ways to practice self care during quarantine:

1. Practice Mindfulness

woman meditating

With all that is going on in the world, we may find our minds racing with never-ending thoughts about it all. 

Clear your mind.

How do you do this? Like your home or physical work place, things work (and look) better when organized and free of clutter. Set a plan for the things you can do and let go of the things you have no control over. Make a list of things you want to get done during this time, places you want to travel once this is done - creating physical lists like these helps you literally visualize what you plan to get done, the steps you need to reach your goals, etc. 

2. Go Shopping

woman online shopping

Now wait, this doesn’t mean go on crazy shopping sprees or toilet paper hoarding! But having everything you need (or at least a good 90% of it) will definitely bring you peace of mind. We suggest creating a list of things you’ll need for about 2-3 weeks, maybe even longer to eliminate the need to hit the stores for an even longer amount of time.

List it all! Food, household supplies, and personal needs, just to have it all done in one run. To have a fridge, pantry, and rest of the house fully stocked is not only visually appealing, but cuts the need to leave your house! Aside from shopping for essentials, treat yourself to a little something online. Yes, saving money is encouraged during this time of uncertainty, but purchasing a new outfit or a new book to read can be that spark you need to bring your spirits up!

3. (Virtually) Spend Time With Loved Ones

woman chatting on webcam

Thanks to the myriad of visual communication apps at our disposal, connecting with loved ones can be done safely. Zoom, FaceTime, and House Party are three social apps where you can essentially group video chat with your friends and family. Zoom is primarily being used by schools to continue classes, but can hold a large amount of people at once, which is perfect for large groups of friends who want to “get together." FaceTime is convenient because it’s already on (most of) your phone.

While House Party can only hold 8-10 people at a time, the app has on screen games you can play together. Games like “guess the drawing” and “trivia” with a group of friends and some drinks can make a Friday night feel somewhat normal again. Use any one of these apps to connect with your friends and family during this time. It is important to foster these relationships and to reach out if you feel the need to communicate with someone. Remember, we’re (literally) all in this together.

4. Keep to Your Schedule (As Best As You Can)

woman on couch using laptop

We cannot stress this enough: being at/working from home does not give you the excuse to bum it all day! By all means, make yourself at home and feel 100% comfortable, but sticking to your usual schedule as best as you can will keep you moving and productive. Stay focused during “work from home” time and make sure you carve out time to get a good workout in.

In this same respect, take the time you usually do to tidy up, meal prep/make dinner, and most importantly, relax. If you’re reading this from home, whether you’re working or not, you’re very privileged to be able to be comfortable and safe during this time. We feel it’s a good idea to stick to whatever your daily routine is to the best of your ability to avoid looking at every day into this quarantine as a simple day off. Try it and watch how good you feel!

5. Have an At-Home Spa Day

woman applying face mask

The beauty of being at home: you can try all of those in-depth beauty hacks, tips and tricks that you’ve been saving! Bust out that mask that’s just been sitting there or create your own (there are literally hundreds of Pinterest links to natural and effective masks). Take a bubble bath accompanied by a good playlist, a fresh scented candle, and watch your worries melt away.

Move some furniture out of the way and create an open space for you to roll out your yoga mat and get a good stretch in. Even the act of stepping outside in the early morning or late at night for some solitude and fresh air will do the body some good. While it’s a great idea to keep a set schedule and stay productive, keep in mind that taking care of yourself physically and mentally also should be a vital portion of your daily schedule :) 

We know that times are different and it can be a lot to process some days.

Whatever it takes, be sure to fuel your mind and body with things that make you feel good and happy. We hope you and your loved ones are doing well!