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5 Ways to Spend Those Major Savings After Buying an Affordable Engagement Ring
We’ve all heard the popular (yet wildly impractical) saying that men should spend three months salary on an engagement ring. The average income in the US was about $30,000 in 2017, so that means an average engagement ring would cost $7,500!

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Here at Modern Gents, we believe engagement rings should be affordable - which is why we sell high quality silver, rose gold, and gold pieces, made of ethically sourced materials (925 sterling silver and grade AAA CZ stones, to name a few) for much, much less. In fact, you can buy her dream ring for only $100.

With engagement rings this affordable, that only leaves one question: what to do with all those savings? To help you out, we came up with five ways that you can spend that $7,500 you saved from buying an affordable wedding ring! 

Your Wedding 💍

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Whether it’s used for the dress or the venue, good eats or gorgeous shots, $7,500 can go a long way when it comes to turning your dream wedding into a reality.

Your Honeymoon 🌴

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Round trip flights for two and an all-inclusive resort on the beach? Yes, please! Forbes reports that the average American couple spends $4,446 on their honeymoon, so you’ll even have money to spare when you return from the trip of a lifetime.

Your Home 🏠

set of keys

Saving that dreaded 20% for a down payment isn’t easy with everything else life throws your way. Still, for couples ready to buy a home after the wedding, choosing affordable wedding rings can put you one significant step closer to your goal.

Your Family 👪

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The New York Times conducted a poll of young adults who had or expected to have fewer children than their ideal number. In it, 43% said they waited to have a baby because of financial instability. When engagement rings are affordable, though, those extra savings can be invested in your growing family instead.

Your Career 🎓


Continuing education is often required to move up in your career, but it also puts a dent in your wallet. While $7,500 won’t land you a new degree, it can definitely help cover classes, workshops, boot camps and more to help you climb that ladder.

Are Engagement Rings Affordable?
Here at Modern Gents, we can proudly answer with a resounding yes!

Get high-quality (and not to mention gorgeous) engagement rings and wedding bands for $100 or less and then spend those savings where they really matter: on your wedding, honeymoon, home, career, or even your future family.

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