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5 Ways You Should Never Announce Your Engagement

Getting engaged can be one of the most exciting moments in your life.

But there’s always a right way and a wrong way to announce it! Sometimes we get so caught up in the excitement that we might be go a little overboard and not realize where we overstepped the line! Here are five ways you should never announce your engagement!

1. At a friend or family member’s engagement or wedding.

    This is probably the BIGGEST no-no. Don’t take away from someone else’s big moment. Let them shine and have their own time to be excited. You might think you’re adding to the excitement, but you’re really not. Wait until the day has passed to make your announcement, and don’t try to flash your ring around just to spark the topic.

    woman wearing emerald cut ring

    Ring: The Alexandria

    2. Before it’s even official.

      Unfortunately, this happens quite often. While you and your partner may have discussed getting married (and maybe you were even ring shopping together), don’t say you’re engaged until the question is popped and the ring is on your finger. The process leading up to getting engaged can be thrilling, but make sure to hold off on announcing anything.

      woman wearing wedding rings

      Ring: The Rose set

      3. After hearing some bad news.

        The last thing anyone wants to hear after they tell you about a tragic incident is how happy you are that you’re engaged. Not only is it incredibly rude, but you’ll be coming off as heartless and as if the other person’s feelings don’t matter. Remember that there’s plenty of time to tell someone you’re newly engaged, and doing it right after bad news is not the time to do so!

        woman wearing marquise halo ring

        Ring: The Victoria

        4. During a work meeting.

          You might get on well with your coworkers, but know that a serious work meeting is not the appropriate time to gush over your new engagement. Your personal life should not mix with your job, so keep it appropriate! Wait until you’re on your break to dish with your coworkers and your boss.

          woman wearing round solitaire ring

          Ring: The One and Only

          5. By bragging.

            It can be hard to keep your excitement contained, but try to remember there’s a fine line between being excited and straight up bragging! Whether you got your perfect ring or your fiancé/e proposed in an effortlessly romantic way, it’s not a contest. Stand in your happiness and be proud of your ring, but don’t go overboard!

            woman wearing pear solitaire ring

            Ring: The Daisy

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