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5 Wedding Day Don’ts

It’s easy to get caught up in the notion that you have to have the perfect wedding, but trying to control every moment and worrying about all the details doesn’t make the experience better - it makes it much less fun than it should be. You want to remember the day you get married as a joyous time, not as a day filled with stress and anxiety! On the day you say “I do,” make sure you say “I don’t” to these 5 things:

DON’T Overdo “Doing the Rounds”

reception venue

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You don’t have to play the gracious host and hostess to every single person at your wedding. Your aunt’s best friend’s cousin will forgive you for not chatting with them about their cocker spaniel for 20 minutes. Your wedding day is about love, so spend your time with the people you care about most. 

DON’T Eat Too Much/Drink Too Much or Drink Too Much/Eat Too Little

drinks on a reception table

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What’s worse than having all your favorite foods catered but not getting a single bite? Adding too much booze to the mix. While the open bar and free-flowing champagne seem like the best ideas at the start of the night, after 5 dances and zero appetizers, you’re going to feel a bit of regret and a lot of drunk. The same goes for the opposite - don’t overcompensate by eating too much, or you’ll be spending your wedding night in a food coma.

DON’T Worry About the Weather

bride and groom exchanging vows

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It’s out of your hands anyway! Whether the sun shines brilliantly or drops of water descend from the heavens, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re marrying your soulmate. The weather is irrelevant - as long as you have a backup plan, but don’t stress about having to use your backup plan, weather won’t play a significant role in the happiness of the day.

DON’T Wear Your Shoes For the First Time

wedding heels

Have you ever bought a new pair of shoes and tried to wear them immediately, only to end up with dozens of blisters and aching feet? Imagine that on your wedding day! Spend some time well before the wedding breaking in the shoes you plan to wear down the aisle and at the reception. To keep them looking like new, stick to walking around the house.

DON’T Forget to Enjoy Yourself

bride and groom

Let go of the little things, and hand the big things off to someone else. It’s your day! Do you want to look back and remember arguing with vendors, obsessing over the flower arrangements, and checking the weather every 5 minutes? Or do you want to remember your first dance, cutting the cake, and sharing a special day with people you love? You only get one chance to enjoy your wedding - make it count.