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6 Amazing Proposals You Can Only Have in the Fall

Fall, the season of change.

It’s a perfect symbolic season for a proposal, since getting engaged is a huge change that will kick off the start of your new life. You know what else it’s perfect for? Romantic proposals. All those beautiful leaves, traditional fall activities, and holidays make it chock full of opportunities for an amazing proposal. Here are some ideas you can only pull off in the fall:

The Lovely and The Chloe

Rings: The Chloe, The Lovely

1. Pumpkin Patch

Let’s start with a quintessential fall activity: pumpkin picking. How else are you supposed to make your front porch look like an Instagram photo? While you’re there, scout out places that are secluded enough to give you a bit of privacy but still would make a memorable photo (don’t forget to have a photographer nearby!). You could set the ring on a pumpkin when she’s not looking then “suggest” that one might be perfect. When she goes to take a look...gasp! A ring!

woman holding an oval halo ring

Ring: The Belle

2. Autumn Leaves Hike

If a stroll through the woods or a park during fall doesn’t get you in the spirit of the season, nothing will. All those gorgeous tumbling leaves, the fresh, crisp smell of the air, and other blissful couples with hands entwined make the ideal backdrop to pop the question. You could have a surprise picnic set up somewhere that you lead her to, or have friends and family waiting at the top of the hill.

woman wearing a princess cut solitaire ring

Ring: The Olivia

3. Holiday Proposal

There are two major holidays that occur during the fall: Halloween and Thanksgiving. You likely have a good idea about which one your partner loves more. If Halloween decorations start going up in August and Hocus Pocus plays on repeat every other day, you know that All Hallows Eve is the time to propose. You could plan to coordinate your costumes and go as a famous married couple like Gomez and Morticia Addams, only to become a real engaged couple by the end of the evening!

On the other hand, if family traditions, intimate gatherings, and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade rank higher than Halloween, a Thanksgiving proposal might be just right. For those who value sharing special moments with their family, Thanksgiving offers the perfect opportunity to let them in on a very special event indeed.

morganite ring on a pinecone

Ring: The Halo - Morganite

4. Football Game

For some people, it’s not fall, it’s football season. Every game is recorded, season tickets are purchased, and jerseys rank over sweaters as the top wardrobe choice. For people like this, a football proposal can be not only romantic, but highly memorable. Sure, many people have done it over the years, but that just means it’s a good idea! This one does take some advance planning, such as contacting public relations if you want to be up on the big screen, purchasing an aisle seat so you have plenty of space, and deciding the best time in the game to get down on one knee.

woman wearing wedding rings holding coffee

Rings: The Bella, The Alexandria

5. Apple Orchard

Along with wandering around a pumpkin patch, another classic fall location is an apple orchard. Even if you don’t necessarily want to pick apples, it’s fun to walk around and take in the sights, sounds, and smells. Rows upon rows of apple trees hide many secluded spots for an intimate proposal, not to mention good hiding spots for a secret photographer.

pear halo ring on a pumpkin

Ring: The Bliss

6. Bonfire

Blankets, s’mores, and a crackling bonfire. What could be more perfectly fall than that? The flickering firelight creates a romantic backdrop for either a public or private proposal. You can organize a bonfire party with friends you want to witness the special moment, or you can keep it down to just the two of you. Just remember to check with your local fire department and forest service to find out if there are any restrictions or safety tips you should keep in mind.

woman wearing round halo ring

Ring: The Grace