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7 Tips for Planning Your Wedding in Less Than Six Months

Are you planning to have your wedding soon after the proposal?

If so, you’re likely feeling a bit frazzled and stressed wondering how it’s all going to come together. While planning a wedding is no small feat, it can still be fun and enjoyable!

If you need a little help getting started, here are 7 tips for planning your wedding in less than six months.

Tip #1: Choose and Book A Venue ASAP

Since you’ve only got six months until the big day, the first thing you should is book a venue. Before you commit to any other wedding decisions, your venue should be secured. Some brides book venues one to two years in advance, so you need all the time you can get! If your wedding day is on a weekday, you may have more success in getting the venue of your dreams.

waterfront reception venue

Tip #2: Send Out Wedding Invites Right After Booking Your Venue

Once you’ve decided on a venue, the next thing you should do is send out your wedding invites. After all, people need to know where they’re going. They’ll be able to start making travel plans and booking plane tickets sooner rather than later. With only six months, we recommend that you forego the save the dates and send out invitations.

woman wearing The Alexandria

Ring: The Alexandria

Tip #3: Start Wedding Dress Shopping Early

If you’re planning to wear a traditional wedding dress, you need to start dress shopping soon after your proposal. Bridal salons like to have as much time as possible for alterations and any last-minute changes, so consider going to shops with sample sales. A dress you can buy off the rack that needs minor alterations will be a lifesaver.

bride on the beach

Tip #4: Narrow Down Your Guest List

Ask your guests to RSVP as soon as they can. This way, you’ll know how many rooms to book in a hotel to get a group rate, and how many heads to expect for the reception. Avoid giving the “maybe” option on your invites, and only allow guests to say yes or no.

woman wearing The Star Light set

Rings: The Star Light set

Tip #5: Consider Hiring A Planner

Every bride should have a planner for her big day, but especially one who’s planning it all in six months. A planner will know exactly what needs to get done and when in the wedding timeline. They will keep you from feeling overwhelmed with all the moving parts.

wedding cake

Tip #6: Ask For Help and Delegate

Your family and friends are there to help and support you, so don’t hesitate to use them! There may be certain things that you can have a friend look into or bookings that can be made by other people. The last thing you want is to feel like you’re spreading yourself too thin.

woman wearing The Grace and The Mia

Rings: The Mia, The Grace

Tip #7: Choose Your Wedding Photographer Early

If you want your big day to be documented by your favorite photographer, email them as soon as you have a date. Photographers tend to book up months or even years in advance, so be proactive! Email them back quickly to secure the date you want.

bride and groom on the beach

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woman wearing The Bliss

Rings: The Bliss set

Are any of you planning a wedding in 6 months? What is helping you?