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child riding bike

While we all love having our children at home during this time, we also know it can be difficult to keep them learning and entertained.

This is why we compiled our top 8 activities with you in mind! These activities were designed to be used as a guide to help you bond with your child and making every day a fun one. If you decide to try any of these, let us know how it went!

1. Make a music video to their favorite song.

child holding camera

Joining forces with your child’s young & creative imagination is sure to set you up for a day filled with fun! Let your child choose any (or all!) of these roles: director, choreographer, or videographer. Once all is ready to go, record the music video and share it with family members. Your child will get to exercise their creativity and it might spark a love for music and film!

2. Put together a scavenger hunt.

hand drawn scavenger hunt map

Take a few minutes to create a fun scavenger hunt around your house and yard if possible. You can make it themed, timed, or even educational! Make sure to offer a highly desired prize either tangible or intangible. This is a great way to encourage your child's problem solving skills.

3. Have them help you create a partner workout routine.

mom and child doing yoga on beach

Like most active parents, we feel your pain of not being able to continue your daily gym routine, as if being a parent while trying to balance a fitness schedule wasn’t already tricky before!

Well, while we all *patiently* wait, it's a great idea to create a partner workout routine. This not only ensures that you keep up with your health regime but also keeps your kid/s active and off their electronic devices for a bit.

Simple yet effective workouts include: jumping jacks, lunges, high knees, sprints, push ups and sit ups. 

4. Explore these at home resources: Kids National Geographic, Scholastic Virtual Book Fest, Math Game Time

National Geographic Kids banner

Many online educational companies are taking initiative and getting creative to provide fun resources to keep our children’s brain juices flowing. One of the most interesting approaches comes from Scholastic, who is hosting a virtual book fest.

5. Work as a team to clean out their toys and prepare for donation

plush lamb toy

Now is the best time to dedicate one or two days to clean out their room. Sift through the stuff in their closet, you might find things that can be of great use to another family like clothes, toys, and even shoes! Not only will you be preparing these items for donation, but you will also instill a valuable lesson in your child’s mind – when times are tough, give to those who have it much worse. Just be sure that your child is okay with donating said items, their feelings still need to be respected!

Pro tip: Don’t forget to disinfect before packing it all away! 

6. Record a weekly vlog for their teacher.

child holding camera

    Believe it or not, most teachers are greatly missing their students whom they once spent 5 days a week with. Having your child record a weekly vlog for their teacher is sure to win them some brownie points in the long run. Activities that can be recorded include learning and play time. This heartfelt gesture will surely brighten up their teacher’s day!

    7. Have them author a book and showcase it.

    children doing homework

    Kids have a wild imagination, especially when they have a lot of time on their hands. Encourage them to write a short book complete with drawings. Help them showcase and read the book at night in your living room!

    8. Learn a new skill.

    child looking at a book

    The free resources that are available on the internet are endless! A simple “How To” search can lead you down a rabbit hole of valuable information on any topic you’d like. Now more than ever is a great time to encourage your child to learn the basics of a new skill at no charge. 

    Maybe they always wanted to try singing, a new language, or maybe even some of those insanely cool basketball tricks that are everywhere! Resources readily available like Youtube, WikiHow, and Google Translate are great places to start learning the basics.

    Having kids at home can be challenging, but it can still be fun!

    mother giving son a piggyback ride

    Even if they're out of school, your kids can still have fun while learning and expanding their minds! Take this time to challenge them creatively and teach them skills about life that they'll keep forever. What have you and your kids been doing to stay entertained? Let us know in the comments! 

    Thank you for continuing to support Modern Gents, we hope that you and your family are staying safe & healthy.