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9 Packing Hacks for Last Minute Travelers
Planning your honeymoon or a vacation with your one and only? Try these 9 last-minute travel packing hacks using items you already own and stay organized without breaking the bank this summer!  💼🌴

1. Use Binder Clips to Protect Razors

There should be a shiny award for any person who still has their clear plastic razor protector. For the rest of us, a binder clip over the top of our razors will do in preventing accidents and injuries.

2. Pack Pretty Items Flatly in Trash Bags to Keep Them Wrinkle-Free 👗👒

Trash bags are a great packing hack for keeping delicate fabrics like silk from wrinkling in transit. Simply fold your clothing flat and place them in the bags.

Bonus Tip: Use said trash bags for your dirty laundry when you arrive at your destination.

3. Store a Week’s Worth of Product or Small Items in Contact Cases

Contact lens cases are one of the best budget packing hacks because they come free with contact solution, they can hold a variety of small things, and they take up almost no room in your suitcase. I’ve packed everything from liquid foundation to tiny stud earrings to pills and vitamins in mine.

Bonus Tip: For faster access, label the contents of opaque contact cases with a permanent marker and then use a cotton ball soaked with rubbing alcohol to erase the labels when you get home.

4. Stash Makeup Brushes and Bracelets in Glasses Cases

If you’re like me, you’ve never used a single one of those eyeglass cases that you get from the eye doctor. But these cases can actually come in handy when traveling for saving everything from makeup brushes that you don’t want to get smashed, to bracelets, cuffs, and watches.

5. Pack Lighter with Cotton Swabs Rolled in Eyeshadow

Instead of packing full eyeshadow cases, daub your favorite shades with a cotton swab and pack just what you need.

6. Repurpose Old Pill Bottles to Stow Cotton Balls and Swabs

Speaking of cotton swabs, old pill bottles are a great place to store both cotton swabs and cotton balls for your next trip.

7. Use Cotton Pads to Prevent Compact Breakage

For those situations where you need to travel with a full compact, place cotton pads inside of them to prevent breakage.

8. Hack Pill Cases to Keep Small Items Organized

Pill cases are another wonderful multi-use item, which is what makes them one of my favorite budget packing hacks. You can use them to store small pieces of jewelry like cufflinks, earrings, or rings, or you can fill each compartment with a different type of over-the-counter medicine so you’re prepared for whatever comes up. Just make sure that you clearly label what’s in them! 

9. Employ Plastic Wrap to Avoid Spills and Tangles

Another way to prevent necklaces from tangling while en route to your destination is to place them between two pieces of plastic wrap. You can also put plastic wrap around lids of bottles to prevent them from leaking into your luggage and ruining your trip.

Whether you’re heading to the peaks of a mountain or to a white sanded paradise, putting these cost effective packing hacks to use will give you and your sweetheart peace of mind as your luggage will be light, organized, and ready to go!

Bonus Hack:  Keep your expensive wedding rings at home and invest in a set of travel rings! Say goodbye to the fear of losing or damaging your dazzling gem and say hello to a whole new world! 💍

Couple with backpacks exploring nature

Have packing hacks, will travel! ✈️