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Affordable Rings for Every Season of Love

When in a relationship, we go through a multitude of life stages with our partner, with some being the most significant. The old saying, “first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage”, sums it up quite lovely. While some relationships don’t necessarily go through all of these stages in this particular order (if at all), we can all agree that each of these seasons of life bring forth both new challenges and memories that will last a lifetime. Just as these major milestones, the jewelry you wear can be beautifully important and have the room to change. With new modern traditions, you can find and invest in affordable rings and jewelry for each stage in your journey of LOVE. 💘


Couple in a restaurant smiling at each other

Expressing your love does NOT have to be expensive. Win over her heart while you whisper sweet nothings to your wallet.  Here at Modern Gents Trading Co, we have exactly what you need to wow the person of your dreams. Make any day a special occasion with The Duet earrings in silver or rose gold perhaps? These gorgeous earrings will make her sparkle on your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or even “just because I love you” day. Why not pair those earrings with a necklace! Our affordable accessories will have your one and only speechless at their beauty -- but far more surprised on how much you saved!


Bride and groom posing for a wedding photo

So maybe it’s time to pop the question. Having a small budget does not make looking for the engagement ring that will still have the sparkle and shine that your significant other deserves impossible! Get down on one knee with that princess cut she has been dropping hints about all year. Show her how practical you are with a silicone wedding ring she can still wear to work. You do not have to skimp on style and class for an amazingly affordable, top quality, and beautiful engagement ring. We have a selection of wedding rings perfect for any bride to be. Even “His and Hers” sets to match your elegant wedding style. For the guys, fear not! We understand that the main focus is to get her the ring of her dreams and finding one for yourself that “works” -- but why not find something that you’d love to rock! We offer wood, tungsten, and titanium wedding bands that will match your style and your budget.


Parents with their baby daughter

There is a lot to remember when preparing for a baby. Why not pick up a couple of rings to carry you through your pregnancy? Many women get swollen feet throughout their pregnancies, but let’s not forget to mention the pain-in-the-ass that is swollen hands and fingers! Grab her an affordable substitute wedding ring in a size up (more notably, pregnancy rings) to wear. A pregnancy ring is meant to be worn by a momma-to-be with comfort and ease throughout pregnancy and once the baby is born, you can eventually switch back to your original ring. With pregnancy rings having such a short wear span, it’s a comfort to know that they are very cost-effective.

No matter what stage of your relationship you're in, it is important to enjoy and embrace the season. While the value of your piece of jewelry used to be the metric of how much you actually loved your partner, it's safe to say that the times have changed. An affordable wedding ring does not compromise quality, but does allow you to express your love for one another without breaking the bank. 💰💕