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Awesome Quarantine Care Packages to Send to Your Loved Ones

If you know someone who’s struggling with the lockdown, whether it be a family or friend, you may be at a loss of what to do.

One of the best things to do is to let them know they aren’t alone.

While you may not be able to pay them a visit in person, one of the best ways you can let them know that you care is to send a care package! Let’s dive into five gift packages that can help to lift their spirits.

1. Wine Tasting Kit

Wine and cheese spread

What better way to cheer up the wine connoisseur in your life than to send a mini wine tasting kit? If you want to get fancy, why not arrange for some cheeses and crackers to be delivered around the same time?

They’ll be able to set up a mini charcuterie board and indulge in a relaxing night. If you’re looking for a company for at-home wine tastings, head over to VineBox! They offer different types of packages and wines for your choosing.

2. Freshly Baked Goods

Box of baked goods

If baking is your passion but you never had the time in the past, perhaps now is the time to put your skills to good use. Look up some recipes that travel well and will last if shipped or delivered to a friend. If you can, maybe a drive-by drop off would be great too!

You can try to find a nice box for your baked goods or some wrapping paper. Include a card to let them know you’re thinking of them as well.

3. An Assorted Art Set

Woman watercolor painting

Help someone get their creative juices flowing with an art set. There are many ways this could go. If you are sending a gift for children, perhaps some new coloring books, crayons, and colored pencils would suffice.

If they’re a bit older, maybe an acrylic or watercolor paint set with some new brushes would be a great gift! Make sure to include the proper paper so they can hit the ground running.

4. Candle Gift Set

Burning candle

Since we’re all cooped up inside without the option for a possible change of scenery, maybe a candle can help to turn things around. The scents could help to transport you to the beach, a bakery, or even a tropical island.

Look for an assortment of mini candles if you aren’t sure about their favorite scent. It’ll be a great gift to invigorate a room with air that’s become a bit stale.

5. A Mini Spa Day

Spa products

This is something we all could use! Many companies offer an assortment of mini items to be used during a spa day, such as a foot soak, face masks, and bath salts. Even though we’re all at home, it’s still difficult to find time for self-care. This gift set will be a step in the right direction.

These days, showing a little extra love will go a long way.

Woman wrapping present

If you the opportunity, why not take the time to brighten up someone's day? Your loved one might be struggling during this time and it would mean the world to them to know someone's thinking of them! Have you put together a quarantine care package for a friend? Let us know what it was!

Want more ways to stay connected to your loved ones? Check out our previous post on ways to show your love (digitally) in quarantine! Thank you for supporting Modern Gents and showing our growing company love. We hope you and your loved ones are safe & healthy – and we'll see you in the next one!