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Beauty Routine: Quarantine Style

Our nightmares have come true.

Nail shops, hair salons, and waxing salons have closed. Please wake me up! I don’t want to live like this!

While we’re only half-kidding, quarantine is a great time to see if you can complete your own self-maintenance routines. Why even bother trying to look nice if I’m home all day, you may ask? Several reasons:

  1. Provides a sense of normalcy, which is super important during this time
  2. Looking good = feeling good
  3. Self care is a form of self love
  4. You might even find that doing some of these things is worth doing it yourself even after quarantine ends – saving you money!

Have we convinced you? Alright, let’s get started then!

Nailed It

Woman getting her nails done

We know, we know – we’re missing the nail shops too. Good news! You can use this time to either heal & grow your nails if you typically wear acrylics, or you can learn to paint your natural nails yourself.

Here’s some tips for regrowing & strengthening your nails:

  • No nail polish! Lay off the nail polish during quarantine. You’ll survive, we promise.
  • Apply a nail strengthener every three days – you can purchase one on Amazon so you don’t need to leave the comfort of your house!
  • Keep your nails trimmed short as they heal from acrylics. Nails post-acrylics are brittle and prone to breakage, keeping them short will help.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet! Food like fruits, lean meats, salmon, leafy greens, and beans can help improve the health of your nails.

Don’t forget to keep your cuticles and your hands well-moisturized! A thick hand cream is perfect to slather on throughout the day.

Bye-Bye, Body Hair!

Waxing products

The real unsung heroes of society are the brave estheticians who wax and sugar us! If you normally frequent a salon, chances are it’s temporarily closed. While we don’t think it’s necessary to have to keep up with your body hair maintenance (normalize hair! normalize hair!), if you’re missing that silky smooth skin, there’s some options available. The only thing we don’t recommend is waxing/sugaring your sensitive bits: leave that to the professionals.

  • Shave the ol’ fashioned way. Shaving might be a good temporary option if you’re used to getting waxed/sugared professionally but you don’t want to do it yourself. The only downside is that the hair regrowth might be different than what you would normally get from your standard salon visit.
  • Wax strips or microwavable wax/sugaring products. These make it easy to be your own esthetician at home, though if you’re trying to remove hair from your underarms it might be easier to ask a family member to help you out.

Don’t forget to exfoliate and moisturize the areas you remove the hair from, too! It’ll help soothe the area, reduce redness, and avoid ingrown hairs.

Luscious Lock Luster

Woman drying her hair after a shower

So what if your roots are coming in or your split ends are starting to really bug you? Quarantine is the perfect time to nurture your hair back to health!

  • Lay off the heat. If you’re someone who busts out the hair curler or the straightener on the daily, put it away during quarantine. Let your hair get a break from the hair dryer as well. The less heat, the better!
  • Skip the wash. To some people, greasy hair is the grossest thing in the world. But if you can tough it out and skip shampoo for 3-4 days, your hair will thank you. Why? Shampooing your hair too often can strip it of its natural oils, leaving it brittle and prone to breakage. If you really can’t stand the grease, use a dry shampoo in between washes.
  • Use a hair mask! Hair masks are essentially just deep conditioners heavy in natural oils and lipids. These are great for damaged hair. Depending on what you use, some will get the job done in 3 minutes while others give fantastic results overnight. You can also make your own with natural ingredients you probably already have in the house!

Remember that eating a balanced diet can also help with hair growth!

The Skin You’re In

Woman applying a clay face mask

If quarantine’s been doing numbers on your skin – you’re not alone. Many of us are experiencing skin issues, whether that’s breakouts, congested skin, feeling extra dry or extra oily, etc. Here’s some tips to get your skin back on track:

  • Watch your drinking! Now that the Mondays feel like Saturdays and the Fridays feel like Tuesdays, it’s normal if your weekend wine bottle has exceeded your normal days. We’re all guilty of it! However, if you’ve been drinking more than usual it could be a reason why your skin has been misbehaving. Alcohol dehydrates the body – including your skin! If you’ve noticed your skin’s been looking a little lackluster, this could be the reason.
  • Face masks are your best friend. No, not the ones that are out of stock everywhere! Throw on one of those Jason-esque hockey looking face masks for some skin benefits. Sure you might look silly, but if you never usually get a chance to mask, quarantine gives you all the time in the world. Face masks can help with uneven skin tone, hydration, acne, and more!
  • Hydration is key. The secret to good skin is simply keeping it hydrated. Drinking plenty of water, using the right moisturizers, and avoiding anything that will dry it out. Since you’re going to be inside all day – it won’t be the end of the world if you’re a little shiny! Keep your skin happy and radiant by keeping it moisturized!

We like to see the positive in all situations: in this instance, quarantine can be one huge self-care episode.

Spa products

Although being stuck at home isn’t ideal, you deserve to still treat yourself nicely! With all the stress, worry, and taking care of your loved ones, it’s crucial to carve out some time for yourself as well. After all, you can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself first! Remember that a beauty/feel-good routine is not selfish: it’s self-maintenance. Feel good on the outside, feel good on the inside! What are your favorite beauty secrets? Share them in the comments below!

If you liked this post or found it helpful, be sure to check out our previous blog posts like our healthy wellness drinks, quarantine morning routine, and our best productivity tips!

With that being said, thank you for reading this post and supporting Modern Gents! We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe & healthy. Sending you positivity and our best wishes through the screen! We’ll see you in the next one.