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Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring for the Girl of Your Dreams
The time has finally come. You’ve met the girl from the movies, the girl next door, the girl you didn’t think was real. She’s yours, and you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Now the only question is,


“How do I find a ring that is as amazing as she is?”

Here at Modern Gents, we aim to match all couples with the perfect rings for her taste and personality. We have something for everyone in every stage of life. We would love for you to propose with one of our many options.


The Practical Girl

Couple cuddling in bed

Some people may view being practical as not being romantic, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Your girlfriend would rather you get her chocolate than flowers, because in her words, “You can’t eat flowers. It’s a waste.” She’s a girl that knows the value of money and hard work and you love her for it. She lights up your life, and The Star Light in Rose Gold would show her just how much you appreciate her practicality.

The Girl Who Wears her Heart on Her Sleeve

Man giving woman a kiss on the cheek

This girl loves you to death and she makes sure you and everyone know it. Her Instagram is full of adorable pictures of the two of you, she cares about you like her life depends on it, and loves a good love story. Think about surprising her with the gorgeous I Do ring to pop the question. She’ll fall in love with the delicately placed stones and the band that is every bit as romantic as she is.

The Superwoman

Couple embracing

You know that you’re the luckiest guy in the world with this girl and you can’t wait to make her your fiancé. There isn’t anything she can’t do, so how about getting her a ring that’s as multi-dimensional as she is. She puts on several hats during the day, so a ring that she can take anywhere and do anything with. The Meadow would be a perfect fit for her. It’s a unique ring that is simple, yet striking and would go with any outfit, dress, and situation. What better ring for a girl that can handle anything than a ring that goes with everything?

No girl is alike and they all deserve an engagement that perfectly fits their personality and the way they love. These are just a few of our engagement ring options at Modern Gents for couples in love. Feel free to check out our entire collection to find the right ring for your sweetheart! 💗