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Creating a Wedding Registry That Works For You

July 05, 2018

Creating a Wedding Registry That Works For You

The band is booked 馃帳, your caterer is picked out 馃嵔, the bridal party outfits are good-to-go 馃憲, but the word registrysits on your list with a bright red circle around it. 馃

You glance around your kitchen. A toaster sits on the counter next to your mixer, which rests besides your coffee pot. Years of living as an adult has left you with a fully stocked life. But there is a wedding coming and Great Uncle Don is going to want to buy you a gift.聽What鈥檚 a couple to do? Enter: the alternative wedding registry.



Image Credit:The Budget Saavy Bride

Alternative wedding registries have become more and more popular as couples have tied the knot later in life. The US Census Bureau says that the average age of a groom today is 29.5, a bride, 27.4. That鈥檚 a far cry from the average of 20 in the 1950s. Today, people don鈥檛 need a set of everything as they start their lives together; their adult lives started years ago and they needed plates then. For some, an easy fix is to just write 鈥淣o Gifts Necessary鈥 on the invitation. This option works fine, but be aware that the idea of not giving a gift at all just doesn't sit right with some people and they鈥檒l end up bringing one anyway. You can avoid ending up with a bunch of things you don鈥檛 need or want by creating a cost-effective, alternative wedding registry.

Collect money for that honey(moon)

One option is the honeymoon registry. Rev up your honeymoon (or be able to afford one in the first place) with sites like Honeyfund.com. Here you can create a place for guests to give money that goes toward specific things. Create as many items you want and add a 鈥減rice鈥 for that item. People will love to gift you a snorkeling excursion or to buy you a round of drinks at the swim up bar. You get a honeymoon full of wonderful adventures you might not have been able to afford otherwise and people get to give a gift with a little more purpose than just a check.Win-Win!

A little bit of this, a little bit of that聽

Don鈥檛 need any help with a honeymoon? Use a website like Card Avenue to register for gift cards. This is a great option if you don鈥檛 know what your specific needs are. You can鈥檛 predict that your blender will go out two months after the wedding, but with a stack of gift cards, you can replace it no problem! It鈥檚 also great if you are working on something like fixing up a house together. People can gift you cards from Home Depot or Lowe鈥檚 and help out the process!

Do some good

Another option is to ask for donations to charities you support. Websites like The Good Beginning allow couples to choose causes for guests to support in lieu of gifts.

Tip: if you go this route, choose a few different causes for your guest to choose from. This gives them options in case they don鈥檛 feel as strongly toward a cause you support.

At the end of the day, people just want to show their love and support to you in a way that is actually helpful. Having any type of registry, traditional or alternative, helps both parties be happy with the gifts.Happy registering! 馃

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