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Creating YOUR Best Wedding Budget

Your wedding budget is just that – yours.

Like everything else in your wedding, your budget is personal to you. You can take inspiration and advice from other brides, blogs, and wedding planners, but at the end of the day the choice on how much to spend on your big day is up to you (and you shouldn't feel bad about it). Here are some tips on creating YOUR best wedding budget!

Tip #1: Don't play the comparison game.

It's so easy to hop on the Pinterest and Instagram these days and look at fabulous weddings, then feel bitter about it instead of getting inspired. You might be side-eyeing the flatware at a wedding you're attending because it's out of your budget. Don't do that! Comparison is the thief of joy. Remember that you can have a gorgeous wedding no matter how much you're allowing yourself to spend – that doesn't make your wedding any less special or beautiful!

Bride and groom holding hands

Tip #2: Know where you can save money and where you don't want to compromise.

Nowadays, it's extremely simple to DIY wedding decor and table settings, find your dream dress without the designer price tag, and much more. You may have to hunt around, but don't let it deter you from putting in the extra effort to find the best deals. YouTube and Pinterest are life-savers and will teach you how to add those dreamy details to your wedding that would otherwise cost you a fortune to buy! On the flip side, there may be certain things you refuse to budge on. For example, if having your hair and makeup professionally done is a must (rather than you or a loved one doing it instead), make a note of it immediately so you can factor it into your budget.

Waterfront wedding dinner table

Tip #3: Talk to your contributors!

Don't be shy! This is, to be frank, free money. Whether it's your parents, grandparents, extended family, or close friends, if they've expressed interest in helping you pay for the wedding then make it a point to talk to each person before you and you partner set your wedding budget. If you've been meaning to talk to your parents or close family but they haven't brought it up yet, we recommend using the art of suggestion rather than expectation. Remember, attitude is key! Be polite, respectful, and prepare for the worst (i.e. no contributions).

Bride and groom posing for a photo

Tip #4: Consider inexpensive & affordable engagement rings and wedding bands.

According to a 2019 study done by The Knot, the average cost of an engagement ring is $5,900. The wedding band for the bride averages out to $1,417 and the groom's band comes out to $558. All together, the rings come out to nearly $8,000! Imagine what even a portion of that chunk of change could be put towards instead. That may be the difference between being able to invite your entire family or being forced to have a small wedding. You might be able to afford your designer wedding dress or secure the beach venue you've been dreaming of. More couples are choosing to purchase inexpensive & affordable engagement rings and wedding bands. Companies like Modern Gents are changing the wedding game: these rings look and shine like a real diamond without breaking the bank! Check out the full collection here.

Married couple's hands in front of a floral bouquet

Rings: The Titan, The Desire, The One and Only

Tip #5: Do your homework (and take your time).

You might want to get married ASAP and say yes to the first selections that come your way, but resist the temptation! It's going to be tedious, but if you're determined to stick to your budget you need to shop around, compare prices and vendors, and vet each decision thoroughly. If you're the type who doesn't do well under pressure, give yourself extra time to wedding plan. While 6 months to a year is average, 1.5 years should be enough time to be thorough and come under budget! (Bonus: it gives you more time to save, too.)

Bride and groom sitting on the ground for a photo