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Creative Ways to Pass the Time

Now that the whole world is spending most of their time inside, we’re all looking for ways to make the time pass.

We’re all trying to do our part to social distance and flatten the curve, but it hasn’t been easy. 

While binge-watching your favorite show was fun at first, it’s gotten old quickly and now you’re looking for new activities to shake up the monotony of your day. 

Fortunately, for you, we’ve put together a few ways to keep you from banging your head against the wall.

Create Your Own YouTube or IG Workout Routine

Mom and daughter practicing yoga

If you're a lover of fitness and working out, quarantine's been rough! With the gyms, studios, and fitness classes closed, it's a sad time for fitness fiends. Why not do something to get yourself and others in shape? Perfect your home workout routine and share it online! Upload it to YouTube or use IGTV to share your ways on how to stay in shape.

Not only are you getting your daily workout in, but you'll be teaching other people too. Editing your workout video can be time-consuming but enjoyable, making it a win-win situation!

Throw a Zoom Party

Woman video chatting on tablet

If you’ve been missing your friends, plan a zoom date and catch up. To make it special, you could get dressed up and crack open a bottle of your favorite wine. Some have even all ordered food from the same restaurant to feel more connected. 

If you’d rather do an activity with your friends, see if they would be interested in taking an online class through zoom. You’ll be able to joke and laugh with your friends, and you’ll be shocked by how quickly the time passes.

Unleash Your Inner Gordon Ramsey and Recreate Dishes!

Person cooking food in a skillet

Everyone's got a favorite cooking show – or at least, a favorite celebrity chef. Why not rewatch some of the best episodes and see if you can follow along to the recipe? If you want to take it a step further, mimic famous cooking competition shows with the people you're quarantined with! Set up a prize for incentive and bust out the utensils, this could get a little ugly!

Plan a Future Trip & Learn the Language

Two people planning a trip

Although we can’t travel right now, this doesn’t mean you should put your language learning on pause! Many language learning platforms are offering deals and discounts on their platform.

Start planning for a trip (even it's just for fun or for way into the future) as you normally would and learn the language while you're at it! How cool would it be to finally visit your dream destination and know how to communicate effectively? Plus – coming out of quarantine with a new skill would look pretty good on your resume, now wouldn’t it?

Feng Shui Your Home

Simple interior decorating

This is probably one of the most common activities going on right now. The longer you spend looking at the same walls, the more likely you are to find things that you want to fix. You can start by simply moving around the furniture, you'd be surprised at how much a room can change just by altering the positions of your pieces.

If you've got nothing but time, devote the entire quarantine to changing one room, then go big. Completely redecorate your space if you're feeling bold, even take it a step further if you're committed and paint the walls!

Staying inside might make the time tick by a little slower, but it definitely doesn't have to be boring!

There's some things you probably won't ever try once quarantine lifts and 'normal' life returns, so why not take advantage of this time and do something different? We don't think you have anything to lose!

What have you been doing to make the time pass? Let us know down below! Please keep staying safe and taking care of yourself & your loved ones. We hope all of you are doing well, and we'd just like to say thank you for your support. We'll see you in the next one!