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Crucial Proposal Mistakes to Avoid

While you should never expect your planned proposal to go perfectly, there are a few things you can definitely avoid! When you’re getting ready to propose, nerves will definitely take over, but you can settle a few of them by making sure you’ve nailed the following!

Mistake #1: Not having a ring.

Woman's left hand wearing The Bliss set on ring finger

Ring: The Bliss set

This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people think it’s fine to propose without already having a ring. If you’re going to be declaring your love for your partner, you need to have the goods to back up such a bold statement! If you’re nervous about what she likes, consider going to look at rings with her (if it’s not a total surprise), or ask her best friends to help you out. Is money something you’re stressing over? Have no fear! There are many beautiful engagement rings that shine like crazy but are well within your budget (you might not even need to swipe your credit card). Check out some of these affordable rings here!

Mistake #2: Proposing publicly, instead of privately.

Woman's left hand wearing The Layla

Ring: The Layla

Some people love an audience! But your partner may not. If you know your significant other is not a fan of public spectacles, your proposal shouldn’t be either (i.e. in front of a crowd, on a jumbotron at a sports game, etc). Even if you only want to do it in front of family, your partner may prefer sharing this intimate moment only with you. Think carefully!

Mistake #3: Telling everyone.

Woman's left hand wearing The Victoria on ring finger

Ring: The Victoria

Not only do you run the risk of having your sweetheart find out, your partner may want to surprise their family & friends post-proposal themselves! A good rule of thumb is to only tell those who are directly involved with the proposal. No one else needs to know! Like the age-old saying goes, “loose lips sink ships!”

Mistake #4: Not having a game plan.

Woman's left hand wearing The Grace on ring finger

Ring: The Grace

You don’t need to have a complete play-by-play to pop the question, but just “wingin’ it” is not the appropriate way to go about this. Take some time to really think about the proposal, and how you can tweak it in all the right ways to fit your partner. The basic areas to cover are how to propose, where to propose, and what you will say.

Mistake #5: Not covering your tracks.

Woman's left hand wearing The Lovely and The Eternity on ring finger

Rings: The Lovely, The Eternity

It’s only natural that you may start acting a little weird and antsy as the big day inches closer. However, you have to remember that it’s extremely important to act normal and stay calm! Don’t leave the ring out where your partner can find it, even if you’re only putting it down for “a second.” You never know if they’ll suddenly come waltzing through the door! Check out this post for some ideas on where to hide the ring. Avoid talking about a proposal or being engaged, especially in the days leading up to the event.

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  • JIll

    Proposing in a stupid place or it being so dark you can’t see the other’s face. Been there! Done that!