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Darling Dainty Rings - Explore the Petite Collection

True beauty comes from simplicity. Just as you only need one person to make your life feel complete, all you really need is one stunning stone to make an engagement ring special. Each design from our new petite line is designed to make an impact - subtly. Get to know our newest additions and find out why a solitaire setting is right for your bride.

The Daisy

Woman's left hand wearing The Daisy on ring finger

As delicate and lovely as a daisy flower, this ring features a single pear shaped, 1 carat simulated diamond. Pear cuts are arguably the best shape for solitaire settings - they don’t need a halo of stones or any embellishment to stand out. Available in both silver and rose gold bands, The Daisy is unique without being flashy. Sounds like someone you know?

See The Daisy in Rose Gold here.

The Cambria

Woman's left hand wearing The Cambria on ring finger

Vintage marquise cut stones are making a comeback, and The Cambria proves why. An elongated oval that tapers into two points on either end of the stone gives the marquise style its eye-catching appearance. Place the stone in a rose gold setting, and you have an elegant modern ring with old world charm.

View 1 carat Cambria in all its glory here.

The Layla

Woman's left hand wearing The Layla on ring finger

Everyone thinks cushion cut rings have to be big and ostentatious. The Layla proves them all wrong. A dainty 1.25 carat simulated diamond stone rests comfortably on a silver or rose gold band and needs no accompaniment to display its power.

Take a look at this subtle statement ring here

The Ava

Woman's left hand wearing The Ava

The brilliant simplicity of this oval cut ring is easy to see. This style of cut gives the illusion that the 1 carat stone is larger than it is, thanks to the additional surface area. There’s a difference between a dainty ring and a tiny ring, and The Ava tips the balance just enough. Like the others in the petite collection, The Ava is available in both silver and rose gold settings.

Find the lovely Ava in silver here.

Our Petite Collection shows that it’s not the size of the ring that matters. Even a single, solitary stone can be a powerful symbol of love. Each of these petite rings is capable of leaving a lasting impression on its own, but they can also be paired with our Desire or Promise bands to create a stylish stacked look.