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Easy - Flexible Meals You Can Make During Quarantine

Time to get back in the kitchen!

Staying locked up in your house doesn’t have to be boring. Self-quarantine might be what you need to brush up on your cooking skills! We know what you’re thinking, “How am I supposed to cook a meal with only a few ingredients in my pantry?” Well lucky for you, we found easy and tasty recipes that don’t need a whole lot of ingredients!


Breakfast foods

Let's start off with the most important meal of the day, breakfast!

Egg Scrambles

Egg scrambles are a great way to get the nutrients you need to keep you feeling strong and healthy throughout the quarantine. You could add veggies, meat, and/or cheese to your scramble to keep you feeling full until lunch. 

Check out an awesome recipe here!


Pancakes are fun to make with the whole family and only calls for a few simple ingredients. They can also be put in the freezer so you can eat them throughout the week. Sprinkle in some nuts, chocolate chips or fruit to make them extra yummy.

Ready to make 'em? Delicious flapjacks recipe here!


Don’t have milk or eggs? Not a problem! Oatmeal is easy to make and packs a ton of nutrients. You can put any toppings you like. From brown sugar to peanut butter to fruit, oatmeal is a very versatile ingredient that allows you to put just about anything on it and still be delicious.

Need a recipe? We have one for you here!


Plate of pasta


Now it’s time for lunch! It’s time to transform that pasta that has been sitting in your pantry to something amazing. Pasta dishes are easy to make and you end up with a mouthwatering meal.

Here's a great garlic parmesan pasta recipe and an easy spaghetti with tomato recipe!


During self-quarantine, there could come a time where you start to feel a little weak. It is important to keep your immune system healthy and chicken soup will do just that. Chicken soup has a high source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. It also helps with digestion, which is essential for a time like this.

Check out this thirty minute chicken soup recipe! Not feeling chicken? Try out this black bean soup, vegetable soup, five ingredient chili, and hearty bean stew.

Burrito Bowls

If you want a quick wholesome lunch, then burrito bowls are the way to go. You can customize your own burrito bowl using white or brown rice, beans, veggies and your choice of meat or tofu and it only takes just a few minutes to make (and it saves you a lot more money than buying it from popular chains, too!).

Here's a great easy & cheap burrito bowl recipe!


Dinner foods

Dinner is served! Finding a dinner recipe that you and your family can love can be tricky. Each person has their own preference and desires for what they want to eat, but don’t worry, we got you covered.

Stir Frys

Stir fry’s are a great option if you want a quick yet delicious meal – and it’s a good way to use your leftover veggies in the fridge. The great thing about stir frys is that even if you don’t have some of the ingredients in the recipe, you could substitute it for something else and it will still taste great.

Here's some awesome stir fry recipes for chicken, beef, and a simple noodle version!


Casseroles are great for when you don’t have that much stocked up in your pantry and they satisfy even the most pickiest of eaters. A simple casserole dish not only tastes amazing but it only has 4 ingredients! All you need is pasta, beef, canned tomato soup and cheese and you have a dish that will leave your whole family satisfied. 

We have a hamburger version and a veggie version for you guys today!


Another dish that is sure to please everyone and only uses a few pantry ingredients are nachos. Nachos are so simple to make and they are sure to fill you up. If you have tortilla chips, cheese and salsa, then you’re good to go. You can also put any toppings you like on it such as jalapeños, beans, seasoned ground beef, and sour cream.

You can make your nachos any way you'd like, but here's a quick recipe on easy cheesy nachos!



Craving something sweet? These simple dessert recipes will do the trick! From 4 ingredient cookies, to easy no bake dessert recipes, we’re sure you are going to find something you’ll love!


You could never go wrong with warm, soft and gooey cookies! Indulge yourself in a decadent treat that only uses simple ingredients and doesn’t require a mixer.

We have the classic chocolate chip cookies and (if you're a huge PB fan) a recipe for some mouth-watering peanut butter cookies.

No Bake Desserts

Don’t feel like baking? No worries! The best part about no bake desserts is that they can be made in a matter of minutes so you can enjoy them quicker than waiting for something to bake in the oven. Ever try no-bake peanut butter chocolate bars?

If you are craving more of a simple chocolatey dessert, then look no further! Something that many people have in their pantries are Oreo cookies, so these no-bake Oreo Truffles are the perfect match for you and they are fun to make. Get creative and top them with your favorite ingredients such as chocolate, sprinkles, or pretzels to make them extra special.

Here's the super easy no-bake PB chocolate bars recipe, as well as the no-bake Oreo Truffles recipe!

Spread of food on a long table

We hope you love these tasty and easy to make recipes!

During times like this, it is important to keep yourself and your family healthy, so remember to eat nutritious meals that can keep you feeling energized and boost your immune system. As always, we hope everyone is keeping safe and we want to thank you for supporting Modern Gents. We'll see you in the next blog post!

What are you cookin' up in your kitchen? Share your recipe in the comments below!