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That engagement ring is a bold declaration of your love. But it’s not the only bold thing about you — you’ve also said yes to zip lines, salsa dancing and scuba trips. As soon as you bank some engagement ring selfies, you plan on changing the oil in your car. Wearing a ring might be a signal that you are out of the dating scene, but it doesn’t mean that you are slowing down your active lifestyle anytime soon. So what are the best engagement rings to bring along for the ride?

Think about the qualities of the other activewear you’ve come to rely on. You want something streamlined. Something comfortable. Something you can clean without too much difficulty. Something sturdy. And, because you are putting a lot of wear and tear on there, something you can confidently replace without breaking the budget or compromising on quality.

a close up of a woman wearing the flex engagement ring in white

Featured: The Flex - White


Let’s get to the silicone section right away, since that part of the catalog was obviously designed with an active lifestyle in mind. In terms of sleek comfort, silicone rings are hard to beat. 

The smooth surface of the Flex is unlikely to catch on anything. Even if it does, the flexible material gives you a better chance at avoiding ring avulsion. Comfort is more than just avoiding injury, though — so, even if your finger swells and shrinks when you go from yoga studio to ski slope, you won’t be bothered by the ring you are wearing.

Or start training for an ultra-marathon with the Ultraflex? It’s the kind of accessory that works equally well with a socket wrench or a garden party cocktail. It’s easy to clean. Available in white, pink and teal, it’s also easy to find if it should slip off your finger. And if you still can’t find it, you can be sure that it can be quickly/affordably replaced, without cutting into the money you’ve set aside for all the shoes you are running through.

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a close up of a woman wearing the ava engagement ring

Featured: The Ava

Minimalist Rings

It’s hard for us to recommend silicone highly enough. But if you want something more traditional, you should know that modern technology puts dainty and durable together in a way that isn’t far short of miraculous. There are a whole host of minimalist engagement rings that can showcase the bond you have with your partner without slowing you down.

Take the Ava — forged with premium 925 sterling silver. That kind of element-resistant material isn’t just for those who might get caught in the storm, but for those who actively chase a storm down. And it’s plated with rhodium because you can be tough as nails but still choose something that is gentle on the skin.

The Daisy isn’t a frail flower, either. It’s available in rose gold, the kind of hypoallergenic jewelry that lives its best life outdoors and blossoms in the sunshine. Another one of the Daisy’s virtues is that it pairs well with a lot of minimalist wedding bands, which you can stack or swap, depending on the excursion. If that seems like planning ahead? Well, that comes with the territory once you start dealing with engagement rings.

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All of these engagement rings lend themselves to an active lifestyle. But don’t let anyone stop you from getting the ring that you really want. You know how important it is to take care of your other gear, so don’t hesitate to go for double halos or cathedral settings. Our job is just to offer you a bevy of options and a full range of sizes with as little hassle as possible, so you can get back to the adventures that lie ahead, whether they take place in a whitewater raft or a white wedding dress.

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