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Fall in Love in Fall: 8 Cozy Date Ideas

November 02, 2018

Fall in Love in Fall: 8 Cozy Date Ideas

The leaves are changing, there is a chill in the air, and a familiar crunch beneath your feet. Fall is here! Take advantage of the new season to spice up your dating life. Whether you love the cooler temperatures, or prefer to use them as a reason to stay inside, there’s something for everyone. Check out these 8 fall date ideas perfect for cozying up with your significant other.

Go for a Hike 🏔

Find somewhere new to explore! Whether it’s a new trail, or local arboretum, or a park you’ve never been to -- make it more interesting by making it new! Take your time; enjoy the beauty of the changing leaves and the company you have. Bring some discussion questions if you want a little nudge or just let the conversation flow as you breathe in the fresh air.


Have a chili cook off with friends 🥘

Image Credit: Instant Pot

Gather a few other couples together and strike up a friendly competition! Play games, watch a movie, or just sit around and talk while the chili cooks and enjoy the aroma filling your house. Then gather around the table all together to sample each other’s cooking. If chili isn’t your thing, try soup or even pie for a sweeter option.


Bake Something ⏲

Apple season is here! Grab a bag or two and spend some time in the kitchen. Pies, cakes, butters, crisps; there are so many delicious options. Try a new recipe, then binge watch something while it bakes. Enjoy your creation snuggled on the couch. Make the date even more special by picking your apples together first!


Head to a Pumpkin Patch 🎃

Bundle up and head out to your local pumpkin patch. Cozy up on the hayride out to the field and talk about the things your loved about fall as a kid. Find the perfect pumpkin, then head home to carve it! Get creative; the more you get into it, the more fun it will be. 

Pack a picnic 🥪

Gather some of your favorite foods and something warm to sip on. Lay out a blanket, get close, and enjoy the crisp fall air. After you eat, embrace your inner child and play in the leaves. 


Get Lost in a Corn Maze 🌽

Nothing says fall quite like a corn maze. Hold hands and maneuver your way through together or make it competitive and see who can get through first. Level up to a Haunted Corn Maze if you dare!


Make a Fort ⚒

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

If the outside isn’t for you, stay in and make a fort! Gather all your blankets and sheets and build something your 10 year-old-self would be proud of. Then throw some some pillows inside, get warm to drink, and cozy up beneath the blankets. Talk, eat, play a game, watch a movie; let yourself be silly and care-free. 


Go Camping 🏕

Fall is a wonderful time to go camping; the temperatures are just cool enough to need a fire for warmth. Go for a hike, cook your dinner over the fire, stay up late to watch the stars and fall asleep close to each other to stay warm.

The fall season is a magical time to be dating in. The newfound weather, the seasonal food items, and the myriad of fun and unique activities to do make for the ultimate environment to get outside (or cozy up inside) and fall in love in fall. 🍂💕

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