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Top 5 Podcasts To Listen To

With all this free time at home we all tend to take on the typical spring clean – but do you ever get bored half-way through the process and want to go watch TV?

Solution: podcasts are great because they keep you entertained and engaged so you can keep yourself on track with any task! Besides being multi-tasking friendly, the other great thing about podcasts is there are so many different genres that you are sure to find one that peaks your interest! Below we shared our top five favorite podcasts that have helped us plug along during quarantine. 

1. Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

Dax Shepard

We all know that being human can be messy at times. We are all complex and unique, and Dax Shepard wants to dive deep into these differences and figure out what truly makes people tick. If you are intrigued by the human psyche then this podcast is for you! Each episode manages to somehow be raw and honest while also having comedic and light hearted messages.

The dynamic between Dax Shepard and his co-host Monica Padman makes you feel like you are listening to two friends engaging in a heated debate at the dinner table, in all the best ways. With guests ranging from Monica Lewinski to Ashton Kutcher, you get answers to some of the juiciest questions and an insight into the lives of some of the most public people in the world!

2. The Big Picture

The Big Picture podcast logo

We all love movies, while we may diverge in our favorite genres and fight over which Star Wars movie is the best. The joy of seeing characters come to life on screen binds us together.  But do we know what really goes behind getting that story to come to life? What does day to day look like on set and what decisions did the directors have to make? The Big Picture podcasts dives into all these topics, never failing to leave with new information and appreciation for the world of film. One of our personal favorite episodes is “Top 10 movies of the decade.” So why not take a break from watching the movies on the screen and rather listen to some healthy debate and discussion on the topic!

3. My Favorite Murder

Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

If you love true crime but are tired of binge watching in on TV, then this podcast is for you! Hosts Karen Kilgraff and Georgia Hardstark dive into stories of murder and hometwon crime. They share stories they have heard in their own lives and open up the conversations to fans and their personal experiences. While the topic of the podcast may seem bleak, the two hosts make the stories easier to hear and provide comedic relief throughout the episode.

4. Stuff You Should Know

Josh and Chuck from Stuff You Should Know podcast

Ever hear your friends chatting on a topic and think to yourself nervously  “I have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about?” Well don’t worry because you are not alone! The narrators, Josh and Chuck have created a podcast to keep you in the loop so you can engage in more conversations and debates with your friends and family. With some episodes titled “The disappearance of flight MH370” and “How wine fraud works” you are sure to find a topic that peaks your interest or relates to your life in some way! Use this time at home to gain some knowledge and engage in some crazy conspiracy theories.

5. Ted Talks Daily

Woman giving a TED Talk

Chances are you have seen a couple of Ted Talks by now, they are inspirational talks made by experts in their field. Well Ted Talks Daily continues with that same idea but just puts into the form of a podcast for you! Know you can listen to Ted Talks any time any where! Ted Talks challenge your way of thinking and inspire you to be better in your day to day life. When the world seems stressful and lonely in times of quarantine we can all use a little burst of energy and positivity!

While spending a lot of time at home may seem like a drag, it is also a great opportunity to expand your knowledge.

So get out there and find a topic that interests you in a Podcast and give it a shot! We can almost guarantee you will stay listening to podcasts long after the quarantine is lifted! Happy listening!


  • Dorinda

    Thank u for all the suggestions for a serious and hard time for all of us.