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5 Social Distancing Friendly Places To Propose

With the world changing so much every day, we’ve all had to adapt.

We’ve been having smaller weddings, forgoing dream honeymoons and changing venues, and vendors like its musical chairs.

However, one aspect of the wedding process that shouldn’t be affected is your proposal. While you may not be able to plan that flash mob in Central Park as you wanted, there are still many romantic locations to propose. You’ll be able to safely social distance without losing the romance factor of it all. With that being said, here are five social distance friendly places to propose that will still sweep your future bride off her feet.

Man proposing to woman

Backyard Proposal

With all the extravagant proposals you see planned, we’ve forgotten about the ever so lovely backyard proposal. This will be a controlled environment, as not just anyone will be traipsing through your backyard. You can decide how many people will be there, if any, and how you will decorate. Whether it’s your own house or a friend’s, you can rest assured that there won’t be too many people there, keeping you both safe and healthy.

Woman's left hand wearing The Alexandria on ring finger

Ring: The Alexandria

Lakeside Proposal

If you happen to live near a lake, getting out into the great outdoors is always a good option. You can plan for a sunset picnic by the lake, and pop the question as the sun dips just below the trees. If you have family and friends who’d also like to attend, it won’t be difficult for them to keep their distance. You’ll all be able to celebrate together afterward as well! Pack a few snacks and champagne or ask everyone to bring their own. Your proposal will surely be one for the books.

Woman's left hand wearing The Sofia on ring finger

Ring: The Sofia

Rent Out An Art Gallery

Since most art galleries have closed down due to the nature of the activity, it might be easier to find an empty one. A special walk down memory lane with your photos lining the walls will be sure to have her tearing up before you even pop the question. If it’s a larger art gallery, you may be able to include a few people who would like to celebrate with you after.

Woman wearing The Lovely on left ring finger

Ring: The Lovely

Candlelight Dinner on The Beach 

Since we’ve all been spending an exorbitant amount of time inside lately, dinner on the beach would be a welcome escape. If you have any private beaches near your home, you could set up there and have her meet you for the surprise of a lifetime. Or, you might be able to get a close friend set up and show up together. Popping the question with the crashing waves in the background will be romantic and it’ll drown out the sound of your pounding heartbeat. It’s a win-win in our book.

Woman's left hand wearing The Victoria on ring finger

Ring: The Victoria

Cliff Overlook 

This would be a good choice for our more active couples. If you have a hike or trail that ends in a beautiful overlook that you’ve done throughout quarantine, why not make it even more special? You could set up a little table with some string lights to make it cute and cozy, and the fresh air will lessen any concerns about social distancing. As with the other outdoor options, it’s much easier for others to join you and spectate from afar.

Woman's left hand wearing The I Do on ring finger

Ring: The I Do

Wherever you're proposing, there's a perfect ring to go along with it.

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Have any of you proposed during this crazy time? What have you done to social distance and make it a memorable event? Let us know down below!