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4 Habits to Kick to the Curb in Quarantine

Habits make or break us.

Some habits carry us through life successfully, while others can be detrimental. Habits can become so ingrained into our psyche that it’s completely normalized and we couldn’t think of not implementing it into our daily lives! Since life has shifted in quarantine, why not try to shift with it? Here are a few habits to try to break during quarantine.

1. Cut out (or cut down) your coffee.

Cup of hot coffee

Yikes, we’re starting off strong in this one. Coffee is one of the best parts of the morning, you don’t have to tell us! However, if you’re drinking multiple cups of coffee throughout the day, every day, it can be harmful. It is a drug after all! Need some convincing? Here are just a few benefits on cutting out coffee:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Financial savings (cha-ching!)
  • Healthier teeth
  • Decreased anxiety

Not sure if you can go on without your morning caffeine kick? Give matcha a try. While matcha has much less caffeine than coffee, it does provide a less jittery, more sustained energy boost without a crash at the end!

2. Stop using your phone, tablet, or any electronic before bed.

Woman using phone in bed

Blue light that emits from our electronics have a bigger impact on us than most of us realize. Coming in contact with blue light before bedtime interferes with our ability to fall asleep and the quality of the sleep we get as well. We all know how much a bad night’s sleep can have an impact on us the next day!

What should you do? The National Sleep Foundation recommends putting away your devices 30 minutes before bed (at the very least). When trying to fall asleep, try picking up a book or magazine instead! You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll be in dreamland.

3. Quit gossiping.

Two women taking a selfie

We all have that small guilty pleasure to gab – there’s something juicy and devious about it. But facing the facts, no one likes a gossiper! Sometimes we can’t help it if we’re around certain people or we’re in some type of mood, but gossip rots the soul. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Great minds discuss ideas, average ones discuss events, and small minds discuss people.”

Gossiping might be fun in the beginning, but as time passes it becomes incredibly tiring and will eventually rot your soul. It’s a huge waste of time and speaks volumes about someone’s character! If gossiping is something you struggle with, quarantine is a great time to acknowledge your problem and take the necessary steps to fix it.

4. End the comparison games.

Woman looking in the mirror

Comparison is the thief of joy. Sound relatable? When you compare yourself to others, you are setting yourself up for immediate failure. Whether you look at someone and think you’re doing better than them, or you compare yourself to someone else and feel inferior, either way you’re depending on another person to estimate your worth.

Remember that everybody’s one their own personal journey. While you are busy upset about not reaching a personal goal or wishing you looked a certain way, there could very well be someone who wishes they were in your shoes! When you kick this bad habit to the curb, your self-worth will always come from within, not from an outside source.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” –Aristotle

Woman drinking from a water bottle

Think of quarantine as a time to create a better version of yourself, whether that’s through overcoming adversity, getting in touch with your creative side, becoming healthy, or even something as simple (but powerful) as changing some habits.

Are there any habits you’re trying to kick to the curb? How’s it going? Let us know in the comments below!

Thank you for supporting our growing company, especially during these peculiar times. From everyone at Modern Gents, we wish you and your loved ones health and wellness! See you in our next post.