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4 Houseplants That Anyone (Even You!) Can Grow

Ever wondered if you were gifted with a green thumb?

Quarantine is the perfect time to test that out! Staying inside because of quarantine can be draining, and after exhausting all forms of media and cooking up everything in your kitchen – really, what else is there to do?

Why not try growing some plants? Here are four houseplants that anyone can grow (and a bonus: they’re hard to kill).

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plant


With summer coming up, aloe vera is an awesome plant to try to grow. Not only is the sap from aloe vera useful for minor cuts and to ease sunburn, but it can also grow up to three feet tall. Pretty cool, huh?


Since it’s a succulent, avoid frequent watering. Grow your little aloe vera plant in a place with bright but indirect sunlight to keep it happy and healthy!

2. Peace Lily

Peace Lily plant


The Peace Lily’s flowers are beautiful and speak for themselves! What’s awesome about this plant is that it’s not just great at perking up your room’s aesthetic, it’s also excellent at cleaning the air of a room they reside in.


Don’t place your plant by any drafts or in a room that remains unheated for long periods of time, Peace Lilies thrive in warm, humid conditions.

3. Jade Plant

Jade plant


Jade Plants are one of the most popular indoor plant choices! You may have also seen the faux replicas in your favorite house decor shops. Thick and glossy, these plants are perfect for adding a little life to your room without taking up too much space.


Place your Jade Plant in the brightest spot in the room, they need plenty of sunlight. You also need to be sure to give them the correct amount of water: too much will rot the roots, too little will cause the leaves to drop.

4. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo plant


Though not actually bamboo, these plants are said to bring good fortune and chi into your home. Lucky Bamboo are gorgeous and can be placed in parts of your house with low light (though they grow best in bright light).


Grow it in water, then when substantial roots have formed, move it into soil. Make sure they dry out between waterings!

Channel your inner mother nature and let life grow!

Indoor plants

Why not spend some time in quarantine trying to bring life into your house? Gardening is one of those hobbies that take sweat, time, and patience, but the end result is beautiful – green, lush, and flourishing plants in full bloom!

Any plant parents reading this? Let us know what you’re growing in the comments below! Thank you for supporting Modern Gents, we appreciate each and every one of you. Keep staying safe, healthy, and helping one another.