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Fun (and Semi-Practical) Buys for Quarantine

By now, we’re sure you’ve seen countless lists on what is an “essential” buy during this time.

Toilet paper, Clorox wipes, and canned foods all grace the top spots on these lists and it’s practically the Hunger Games inside the stores trying to get them. While the general consensus is not to shop for unnecessary items, if you're itching for some retail therapy, why not buy something fun but useful?

Here are five of our favorite things you can buy all from the comfort of your own home:

Wall Art

Framed art hung up in living room

A big part of this “stay home” movement for most people is getting things done around the house that you may have never had the time to do before. One thing that is often overlooked or pushed aside is decorating your walls. Maybe you can’t decide if you want canvas art or framed prints. Do you want vibrant colors or black and white? One statement piece or a gallery wall? With this ample time at home, you now have the ability to truly visualize what you want and where you want it.

Websites like Society6 and Desenio are great for unique art pieces, and Amazon is perfect for finding an affordable variety of frames. You can also unleash your inner artist by purchasing blank canvasses and paint off of a craft store website and create your own masterpiece. Have some pristine photos in your phone? Gather and edit them and have them printed at your local store (or even delivered to you) and frame your work. If you’re still clueless as to what your style is, Pinterest has endless #inspo for you to check out!

Instant Pot

Instant Pot loaded with ingredients

While we think it’s wonderful that people are honing in on their cooking skills during this time, it’s safe to say that sometimes you just do not feel like cooking. Enter: the Instant Pot. This contraption is something like a crockpot, except it cooks just about anything significantly faster. This little pot does it all: it’s a slow cooker, rice cooker, pressure cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, warmer, and can sauté and brown foods for you. With free Instant Pot recipes all over the internet, you can turn an hour of prep and cooking into just the prep and let the pot do the rest, freeing up your time to get other things done!

E-Reader / Kindle Subscription

Person reading on a tablet

If you’re someone who prefers handheld books and magazines, this one may not be for you. But if you like your reading materials all in one place, we recommend investing in a reading subscription, like Kindle's. For $10/month, you’ll have unlimited access to books and magazines available on the Kindle app. The Kindle app is available on both the App store and Google Play store, so your downloads will literally always be at your fingertips.

While we totally understand the joy of physically opening a new book, you can't argue on how environmentally conscious e-readers are! Plus, since you’ll have to wait for any new reads to be delivered, the cool thing about the Kindle subscription is that once you find a new book to read, all you have to do is download it. A library in your pocket, filled with stories to read and new worlds to explore – what more can you ask for?



As long as you’re only out with those that you are quarantined with, we encourage you to get outside for some fresh air and exercise. If you don’t already have one, a bike is a great investment! The most obvious reason is that it's always a good form of exercise. But once the quarantine lifts, it can be taken to the beach, city, or wherever you decide to go once it’s safe to do so. While a brand new bike can be pricey, secondhand bikes are much more affordable and will work just as well. Apps like Offer Up and Let Go are home to hundreds of used bikes under $100 that, for the most part, are fully functional. Get out there and safely cruise around your neighborhood!

Selfie Ring Light

Woman filming makeup tutorial in front of a ring light

This is for all the social media lovers and aspiring influencers! Since you can’t go out for brunch or to the beach to get some Gram-worthy pics, we think you should take this time at home to up your #selfie game! A ring light is essentially a ring of bright, adjustable light on a tripod with a space to securely hold your phone or camera, allowing you take insanely good photos of yourself. Ring lights come in a wide variety of sizes, from desktop sized to full glam photoshoot sized – we think you’ll be good with something in between. A ring light can also be used for vlogging, family photos without a photographer, and quite literally, as an additional light source (perfect for reading, makeup application, etc.). Amazon has great options that are under $50 with excellent reviews.

We all deserve to splurge every once in a while, even (or especially) during a pandemic.

Woman online shopping

If your finances allow you to have a little wiggle room and you're in a shopping mood, why not splurge on something you'll get a ton of use out of? Is there anything you've had your eye on? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for all of your support. From all of us at Modern Gents, we appreciate each one of you so much. Stay safe as best you can, and we'll see you in our next post!


  • Ashley Jarvis-Proverbs

    I’ve definitely been looking to get a bike. After years of procrastination i couldn’t think of a better time! We have small children and getting them in and out the car or strollers – when we just need fresh air and exercise – can be exhausting. The bike sounds like a great alternative without having to worry about parking or limiting the distance or out trips!