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Fun & Entertaining Apps to Download While Stuck at Home

Congratulations! You get to work from home or you’ve taken it upon yourself to self-quarantine.

Either way, it’s important to practice social distancing in efforts to stop the spread of this terrible virus. 

On the bright side (yes, let’s find a bright side here), you get to spend time at home! We’re talking cozy outfits, saving money on food, and spending some quality time with your loving pets. As glorious as this sounds, truth be told, once all your work and chores are done - you will get bored. So! How do you entertain yourself within the confines of your humble abode? Simple: head to the App Store (or Google Play Store for you Android users)!

Here are five fun + entertaining apps to help get you through this quarantine:

1. TikTok

TikTok in app store

Unless you’re living under a rock or have been practicing social (media) distancing for a very long time, you’ve probably already heard of the viral, trend-spreading monster that is TikTok. The ultimate love child of Vine and Instagram, TikTok allows users to be the star of their own video masterpiece, complete with hundreds of filters, music choices, and other customizable options. Similar to Instagram, TikTok has “challenges” that are in the form of a good old hashtag, so you can explore and connect with other users who have created challenge content. Not much of a content creator? No worries. This app is suitable for content surfers too! Sorted by categories, it’s easy to find videos that best interest you. From dancing, to skits, to #storytime, there’s something for everyone. Beware: you may fall into a TikTok hole, where you find yourself scrolling for hours on end! Not too bad to pass the time though, right?


2. Twitter

Twitter app on phone

Although you’re distancing yourself from the outside world, a great thing to do while staying home is to stay informed. If you’re not a fan of watching the news or reading online newspapers, you can find condensed (and somewhat humorous) takes on what’s going on in the world on Twitter. Aside from current news, it’s also a great way to keep up with the short thoughts of friends, celebrities, and even random users thanks to the explore page and hashtags. With the help of the search bar, you can find conversation happening on virtually any topic. Lastly, self-expression is a great way to combat stress and if you don’t have the desire to start a whole blog, you have 280 characters to say what you want to say, and boy does it feel good! 


3. DuoLingo

Duolingo app

If you’re looking to be a tad more productive during quarantine, we strongly recommend DuoLingo, a free language learning app! With over 30 languages, each with its own in-depth course, you can master a brand new language all while sitting happily on your couch. The beginning courses start off basic and repetitive (think high school spanish 101), but the lessons do progress and with all this free time, you’ll be un professional in no time! Imagine, you walk back into work after this craziness is over, a bilingual English/Spanish speaker: you impress your bosses and you’ve got yourself a resume booster. Or, picture going over to families’ house for a post-virus party, you finally know your native tongue and your grandparents are super proud of you *happy tears*. There’s room for personal growth in quarantine! 


4. Game Pigeon

Game Pigeon

Miss your friends terribly, but you’re all being exemplary citizens of society and social distancing? If FaceTime just isn’t cutting it anymore, how about a virtual game of beer pong? Virtual generic Uno or Battleship, anyone? Game Pigeon is a gaming app where you play against your friends in iMessage. You can play one on one with different friends or start a group message and play a group round of some games! Up the ante by wagering $1 on games, loser sends money via Venmo for quarantine supplies. Android users don’t have access to Game Pigeon, but do have the option to play games with their friends cross platform with options in the Google Play Store, such as 8 Ball Pool. Game on!


5. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club app

Exercise is an excellent stress reliever, as it boosts endorphins, helps release pent up energy, and best of all: it’s free! However, when quarantined inside your home, it may be hard to actually want to get up and move your body - believe us, we’ve been there. The Nike Training App was developed by Nike to help its users get active anywhere. Loaded with 180+ different workout videos, there’s something for every fitness level. Don’t let this quarantine stop you from reaching your fitness goals. As we’ve all been reminded during this time - health is wealth!


Keep your phones charged and yourself healthy!

Stay home if you're able to – it's the most effective way to keep yourself and others safe. Hopefully these apps will make time fly by! Did we miss any of your favorite apps? Let us know in the comments below! As always, we at Modern Gents appreciate your support and we want to thank you for your time and business!