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Get Smarter! (While Staying at Home)

While kids are adjusting to online school to keep learning, you also have the opportunity to expand your knowledge!

It’s important that we keep our minds sharp so that we are ready to return to our routine when the quarantine is lifted. Watching Netflix all day for several days straight can turn anyone's brain to mush, so here are five apps that will expand your thinking and learn new skills.


Duolingo owl

How many times have you wished you could speak a different language? Well with Duolingo, that just got a lot easier! This app makes learning a new language of your choice feel like a game. It only takes 10 minutes a day and starts with the basics like hello, how are you, etc. The app will keep quizzing you on previously learned words and phrases so you are sure to retain the knowledge! Plus, the green owl, Duo, is just too cute.

Apple | Android


Lumosity logo

Lumosity is a free app that has a multitude of games that require critical thinking. These games challenge your brain to stay alert and recognize patterns. Lumosity claims that consistent use of their app can lead to improved memory, better problem solving skills, and an increase in your brain’s ability to process information. With that being said, what's to lose when there are games that will help you pass the time and potentially help your brain stay sharp?

Apple | Android


Owl app

We all love random facts because they make us laugh and feel more connected to the crazy world that surrounds us. The Owl app is a perfect way to get your daily dose of random facts. They send you a new fact every day and you can even share what you’ve learned with your friends on Facebook and share some knowledge. These are those kinds of random tidbits that you'll be able to insert into conversation when the quarantine is over!


The New York Times Crossword

New York Times Crossword logo

Can we go out on a limb and say something bold? Alright, here it is: crossword puzzles are underrated. They are a perfect way to get your mind moving! Once you put down your first word, you can’t stop until the entire thing is finished. This is a perfect way to expand your vocabulary and keep your mind focused while staying preoccupied for a couple of hours.

Apple | Android

Musée du Louvre Official App

Musée du Louvre

While museums may be closed, they are still making art available at the touch of your finger tips. Take a virtual tour of one of the most famous art museums in the world, the Louvre in Paris! This museum has earned its prestige by being home to the Mona Lisa.Through the app you can learn interesting facts about works of art and those who created them. If you are interested in art this is a great way to learn why the pieces in this museum are considered masterpieces. Psst: have you seen our blog post on virtual museum tours? Be sure to check it out!


No matter what way you choose to expand your knowledge, it’s important to keep yourself challenged.

Digital drawing of the human brain

A large amount of free time is a great opportunity to learn some new facts, speak a new language, or challenge your brain to keep you sharp. If you've been finding yourself reaching for the remote or switching between the same three social media platforms all day, give these apps a try!

Which of these is calling out to you? Let us know in the comments below! Your support for Modern Gents means so much to us and we hope that these posts have been helping you get through quarantine. Please keep taking care of yourself, your loved ones, and your community. Stay strong, we'll see you in our next post!


  • Christine

    I have loved your series on how best to use time during these quarantined days! I especially liked this particular post, and downloaded both Lumosity and DuoLingo (I love this!)!

    Thank you for the introduction of these apps I never would have known about otherwise!