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Holiday Gift Guide 2020
The Sadie and The Star Light

Ahh, December!

It’s that time of year when things are holly, jolly, and...stressful.

If you’re anything like 99% of the world, you’re probably extremely stressed out about shopping for everyone on your list. Especially after what a year 2020’s been – you want to give an amazing (but affordable) gift for all your loved ones. Ditch that overpriced itchy blanket and the ugly cable knit socks in your cart, and check out these lovely gifts instead!

Woman holding present

For the style-savvy gal... layered necklaces

Perfecting the art of jewelry layering is much more difficult than it appears! For your friend, sister, or loved one who's always on trend and looks like she stepped out of Vogue, why not get her necklaces to layer? While a necklace set that's already pre-layered and connected might be a good idea, she might want to wear the pieces separately (or with other accessories) so opt for two different necklaces instead – that way she can style them to her heart's content!

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The Harmony and The Kali

Necklaces: The Harmony, The Kali

For your workout partner... a silicone wedding band

Have a gym buddy who's engaged or married...and also constantly getting hit on by creeps at the gym? Working out with your engagement ring and wedding band can be dangerous to your finger and may cause damage to the rings, so many people choose to work out without them. Silicone bands are the perfect solution! They're safe, breathable, hypoallergenic, and best of all – they'll deter all of the weirdos who won't let someone simply work out in peace.

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The Ultraflex - White and The Ultraflex - Teal

For your BFF who deserves to feel beautiful... statement hoops

This is for the girl who would drop everything in a heartbeat if it meant helping you! She's had a hard year (I mean, we all have but that's besides the point), and she's been losing sight of herself. You want to remind her of how special and beautiful she is, so why not do so with a stunning pair of hoop earrings? These particular earrings are a perfect medium – they're not too big so they still have a very elegant feel, but the simulated gemstone studs will shine in the light and add some sparkle to her look. She'll wear them everywhere!

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The Ivy
Earrings: The Ivy

For the romantic... a symbolic bracelet

She's the one who's seen every romcom ever created (twice), and her head's always in the clouds. She's the dreamer who believes in happily ever afters for all, and you can always count on her to cheer you up and help you with any of your relationship problems. The gift for your romantic friend needs to have meaning, so why not give her a symbolic bracelet? This infinity bangle symbolizes an eternal love, and that's what your friendship will always have. Get ready to watch her tears flow when she unwraps this precious gift!

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The Athena
Bracelet: The Athena

For the stylish minimalist... stackable bands

Minimalism, contrary to popular belief, is not about having bare white walls and alternating between three shirts. It's about not having an excess of stuff you don't need, and if there's one person that's hard to shop for, it's your minimalist friend (whose whole life looks like a Pinterest board). Here's a great gift idea: stackable rings! More than likely, the stylish minimalist still enjoys having things, they just prefer quality over quantity. Get them a pair of rings that stack beautifully together, but look great on their own as well. Something simple and dainty will have them swooning!

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Stack of rose gold rings

For the social butterfly... dangling halo earrings

Whenever you're about to hit the town, this friend is going to be the first one you call! She floats around the room and she gets the party started (really, she is the party!). Her gift needs to be something that matches her easygoing nature but still provides ultimate sparkle. Give her some dangly earrings that will flutter and dazzle alongside her as she dances through the crowd!

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The Eve

Earrings: The Eve

For the creative artist... gemstone rings

You know her and love her! This is your friend who's a little spacey, but extremely imaginative and innovative. More than likely, her art also reflects in her outfits: bright, vibrant colors, and lots of patterns. Instead of getting her a typical gift like art supplies (which she's probably very picky about and would rather buy herself anyway), why not surprise her with a gemstone ring? Whether you pick her birthstone, her favorite color, or go with something totally wild, she'll more than likely love it to pieces and rock it 24/7.

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Gemstone rings

For the shy sweetheart... a simple bracelet

We all have a deep soft spot for our shy friends; the ones with big hearts but were hard to get to know at first due to her timid nature. She's not into anything super flashy, but hey – even the bashful ones should wear something sparkly! Here's a great compromise: get her a simple bracelet. It's low-key enough that it won't draw that extra attention she hates so much, but it'll still bring a beautiful glitter to her wrist and give her that confidence boost she could always use.

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The Abbey
Bracelet: The Abbey

For your mom (or any older woman you love & respect!)... classy earrings

Whether it's your mom, aunt, or your mentor, looking for a gift for that awesome, older female role model in your life can be challenging! After all, what do you get the woman who has everything? How about some classy earrings? Ditch the trends and bold colors and go for a classic piece that will stand the test of time. Whether she's headed off to a work meeting, family dinner, or hosting book club, these are earrings she can look fabulous in and slay at all times!

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The Arya
Earrings: The Arya

For YOU! Yes, you... a brand new wedding set

Christmas and the holidays are all about giving, but there's nothing wrong with treating yourself. If you've made it this far into 2020, we think that warrants something beautiful and sparkly. Why not get yourself a brand new wedding set? Modern Gents offers tons of engagement rings and wedding bands so you can mix, match, and stack to your mood. Bonus: you don't need to feel guilty about it either – our rings are inexpensive, affordable, and conflict free!

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The Sadie and The Star Light
Rings: The Sadie, The Star Light