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Holiday Proposal DON

The holidays are such happy times, and they can make for some particularly enchanting settings for proposals.

Families are gathered together, homes are filled with smiles and the smell of baked goods, and even nature conspires to make a beautiful backdrop of crisp air and snowy hills. If you’ve decided on a holiday proposal, there are plenty of things you can do to make it special, but there are also some things you really shouldn’t do:

Man proposing to woman in front of Christmas tree

Don’t Forget Where the Ring Is

One super cute way to propose during the holidays is to hide the ring in a present. Just don’t forget which present it’s in, or your future spouse will unwrap it, turn to you in surprise, and you’ll be caught with a mouth full of pumpkin pie during the would-be romantic moment. Mark the gift with special paper or a unique bow so that you’ll know exactly when the time has come.

The Lovely on a Christmas ornament

Ring: The Lovely

Don’t Forget to Watch the Weather

If you’re planning an outdoor proposal, take the winter weather into consideration. Proposing out in the snow in the middle of a Christmas tree farm is sweet and romantic, but if the temperature is dipping or there’s a blizzard on its way, you’ll be proposing to a popsicle instead of your partner.

The Sadie and The Star Light

Rings: The Sadie, The Star Light

Don’t Indulge in Too Many Holiday Cocktails

We get it, you’re nervous. You’re sipping on mulled wine or hot buttered rum to calm those nerves while you wait for the perfect moment to pop the question. Just make sure you’re sipping and not gulping, or you might not “pop” the question so much as blurt it out during the first course or while their grandfather is sharing a gory anecdote from the war.

Woman's left hand wearing The Sofia

Ring: The Sofia

Don’t Overspend on the Ring

...especially when you’re already spending money on gifts. The holidays can be a bit rough on your wallet, so avoid creating unnecessary hardship by listening to outdated advice about how much of your salary you “should” be spending on the ring. There are no shoulds, especially if the amount you “should” spend could feed a small village. The ring is merely a symbol of the commitment, not the commitment itself.

The Grace and The Eternity

Rings: The Grace, The Eternity

Don’t Ignore How They Feel About Holidays

You probably want to avoid an extravagant Christmas-themed proposal if your future spouse is related to the Grinch. Some people just don’t like the holidays, and that’s okay! Or maybe they follow a different religious or holiday tradition that’s more meaningful to them. Whatever the case, plan a proposal that’s appropriate for their feelings or beliefs surrounding the holiday season. Not only is this more personal, you’ll also score points for showing that you’ve been paying attention.

Hand holding The Olivia and The Forever

Rings: The Olivia, The Forever

Don’t Propose in Front of Family You Just Met

Nothing says awkward like proposing in front of a room full of people whose names you don’t quite remember yet because you were introduced an hour ago. Sometimes it can’t be helped—families don’t always live close together anymore. But if this holiday season is the first time you’re meeting the parents or extended family, it’s best not to make your first impression while down on one knee.

The Scarlett and The Zoey

Rings: The Scarlett, The Zoey

Holiday proposals take a little extra thought and planning, but they’re well worth it!

As long as you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be heading into the new year happily engaged (and not moderately embarrassed).