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How Long Should You Stay Engaged?

Every couple’s engagement is different.

For some, they opt to have a longer engagement to plan out their wedding to their heart’s content. Others plan their wedding in under two months! If you’re engaged and haven’t picked a date yet, perhaps this list will help you make a decision.

Short Engagement

Get Married Faster

This may seem like an obvious reason, but one of the main reasons why people choose to have a short engagement is to get married faster. This might be a more desirable choice for couples who were long distance or dated for a long period of time. Besides, we all know married life is more fun.

Woman's left hand wearing The Meadow

Ring: The Meadow

Make Quick Decisions

A short engagement means less time to dwell on decisions. While this may stress some people out, it could encourage others to focus on what’s more important. People might not remember what your centerpieces looked like, but they’ll remember the food. You’ll be able to make decisions more efficiently without stressing over them for hours on end.

Woman's left hand wearing The Rose set

Ring: The Rose set

Smaller Guest List

With a shorter engagement, this may not give everyone enough notice to make it to the wedding. This means that you’ll probably have a smaller guest list filled with close friends and family. You’ll be able to have people there who truly matter, and you won’t have to worry about that third uncle twice removed who couldn’t make it.

Woman's left hand wearing The Enchanted

Ring: The Enchanted

Long Engagement

More Time For Wedding Planning

If you’ve dreamed about your wedding for years, the idea of having months for wedding planning will make you jump for joy. You’ll be able to plan your wedding down to the last detail, and take your time to finalize all the moving parts. You can spread out the stress of wedding planning over a few months, and try to tackle it in parts. By taking a break to enjoy your new engagement, you’ll be ready to dive into the planning process when it's time.

Woman wearing The Grace and The Mia on left ring finger

Rings: The Mia, The Grace

Save More Money

A longer engagement gives you both more time to save money for your future life together. It also gives you more time to save up for all the surprise expenses a wedding will bring. This way, you won’t have to turn down that band or chocolate fountain you always wanted.

Woman's left hand wearing The Lovely on ring finger

Ring: The Lovely

Book Popular Vendors In Advance

It’s no secret that some of the most popular wedding vendors book out months in advance. Having a longer engagement gives you a better chance of booking these vendors. You’ll also have more time to research vendors and venues to find ones you love and connect with.

Woman's left hand wearing The Victoria and The Zoey

Rings: The Zoey, The Victoria

Did you have a long or short engagement? Let us know in the comments below!


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